Strolling at Centennial Olympic Park (Atlanta Walk Part 4)

The next place that I walked around was Centennial Olympic Park just beside Pemberton Place. While walking towards the park, I admired who did the urban planning of the area. Thinking how they carefully thought about the location of two major tourist destination Pemberton Place and Centennial Olympic Park. Because both locals and visitors can enjoy these places as it close to one another, a strategic objective with the mind for the guests welfare to appreciate this part of Downtown of the city.



The things that I immediately saw after crossing Baker St NW

At the same day of my first visit in Pemberton Place, I crossed Baker St NW to see the open park which they called Centennial Olympic Park. Coming to this part of Downtown of the city have some benefits for the tourist or visitor like me because I was able to see Pemberton Place a home of three major tourist buildings which just the other side of Baker St NW and the Centennial Olympic Park on the other side. Any visitors whom just wanted to chill out in a lovely day can just hang out in the park or if they like, they can easily decide to visit one of the museums which located just around the corner.






Skyline View of Atlanta from the park

I enjoyed my stroll in the park because it gave me a glimpse of the skyline view of Atlanta. Yes, it was not the complete skyline view and just part of it but I was still amazed on the urbanity that surrounds the park. There are things that can be learned and appreciated while walking within the park as it offers audio tour like additional learnings to everyone, though I haven’t tried it while I was in the park, I just saw this from information board when I entered the park.

I didn’t see all what the park offers but I found interesting information for the things that I had seen such as : the Gateway of Dreams, Hermes Towers / Centennial Plaza and the Fountain Rings. During the walk, I also got a chance to see the CNN headquarter in Atlanta.



Gateway of Dreams –  Sculpture pays homage to the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and to the ideals of the Games.


Hermes Towers / Centennial Plaza

Hermes Towers – 65-foot high lighted towers encircle the Plaza. Named after the mythological messenger god Hermes, the “Hermes Towers” are stylized reproductions of markers that led the ancient Greeks to significant public spaces and events

Centennial Plaza – A 100 meters squared, which surrounded by official flags of Olympic Games and 23 national flags which represents the previous cities that hosted the summer games.

(Source : GWCCA website)




Fountain of Rings – World’s Largest Interactive Fountain

The Fountain of Rings is the centerpiece of Centennial Olympic Park and is one of the most recognized and photographed landmarks in Georgia. Millions of international and local guests visit the Park every year to enjoy the world’s largest interactive fountain featuring the Olympic Ring symbol. (Source : GWCCA website)




The famous Cable News Network (CNN), Atlanta Headquarters which used for weekend programming.


When I felt content with my walk in Centennial Olympic Park, I walked towards Skyview Atlanta, a 200 foot Ferriswheel to enjoy viewing the city in another way. Though during my visit, I never tried to ride on this one, I just a took a souvenir photo of it



Skyview Atlanta

The said Ferris wheel features 42 climate-controlled gondolas providing guests with breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area. (Source : Skyview Atlanta website)


Centennial Olympic Park Streetcar Station

And before I left the area I found a tram station of Centennial Olympic Park which they call it Atlanta Streetcar (Downtown Loop) before heading to Peachtree Street NW to continue my journey.

1. Plan to visit Centennial Olympic Park ? – Please check latest information here
2. Entrance Fee – Walking in the city is totally free
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use MARTA Breese Card,  here’s the official website, here’s alternative site for the card
4. Directions to Centennial Olympic Park using train :
If you will ride within Red Line or Gold Line regardless which station you will come from, just remember to get-off at Peachtree Center Station.
If you will ride in any of Blue or Green Line, you are required to transfer at Five Points Station and take Red or Gold Line and get off at Peachtree Center Station.
Then exit at Peachtree Street, turn Right until you reach either Andrew Young International Blvd NW or Baker Street NW and turn left towards Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW to see the said park.