Something To Look At : Worth Of A Tree


Something To Look At (Post#2) : Worth Of A Tree

When I visited Eden Nature Park in Toril Davao City last March 2009, while walking around in a nature park, I saw this message which at first I did not care what it says until something buried in my memory which is the word ‘worth’ and numbers which I thought like an amount of money. With that in mind, I approach the message board and look at it in detail. As I read it, I felt surprise and stunned because I never realised the actual worth of a tree in terms of money. Yes, I knew a tree is important in terms of ecological balance and it’s other significant uses, but to understand or measure it by amount of money, I never really thought about it. For me the message is really a profounding wisdom.

Something To Look At : The Lost Cemetery


Something To Look At (Post#1): The Lost Cemetery

When we visited Camp John Hay in Baguio last May 2010, we found an interesting area. It is called “The Lost Cemetery”, the quotation mentioned in the photo was came from Commander Major John Hightower. While looking in its message, I think everyone has been guilty even myself because there were times that I think negative stuff even before things happened. Sometimes Negativism were used as our excuses to justify not to do things that we must do and it also the reason why we fail on things that we wanted to succeed. It reminded me, how powerful our minds that even it affects the outcome of what we were trying to achieve. The message is really profounding that must be always remember as guide in our lives.