Arts and Craft : The Lord McAlpine by Linda Klarfeld

Arts and Craft (Post#21) : The Lord McAlpine by Linda Klarfeld

Photo of the day is about the statue of Lord McAlpine. While I was learning about the town, I came across a lot of times about  the name of Robert Alistair McAlpine. From Broome Historical Museum, in Sun Pictures, at Cygnet Bay, in Matso’s Brewery and then in Cable Beach. My impression with him was, he made a lot of things for Broome. When I found his statue, I was not really surprised anymore because it was evident that he made a lot of contribution to the town. And because of him, Broome were able to survive as it lost for decades after the war. I can truly say that with this kind of people giving so much to the town, Broome itself is no doubt that its honoring the people whom it made the town what is it now. The statue was made by Linda Klarfeld a Czech immigrant became Australian and sculptor whose bronze and granite works of art focus on the human figure.  The photo is part of 2 Days Broome and Surround Tour October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : Statue, People
Location : Western Australia, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome Cycles, Car HireBroome Taxis
Link : Cable Beach

Arts and Craft : Two Lovers Point Statue

Arts and Craft (Post#9) : Two Lovers Point Statue

Two Lovers Point is not the only one that has story on its own, if the tourist spot has its legends and real love story that surrounds it, even the Two Lovers Point Statue has its own. Last 2002, Typhoon Pongsona twisted and knocked the statue to the ground. Many believed that it’s too great to repair, the brass lovers was sold as scrap. The amazing facts happened about the statue, after 13 years, it was put back again to its location because of the people who now involve in the real love story that surrounds the place. These photos are part of Guam Adventure Photo Collection April 2017.







Colors : At Jogyesa Area – Baby Buddha


Colors (Post#2) : At Jogyesa Area – Baby Buddha

Jogyesa is a temple few meters away from Insadong (famous traditional market in Seoul). At the time we visited the place, the lantern festival in the temple was few weeks over but the colourful lanterns were still hanged and displayed in surrounding area. Around this area the temple of the Jogye Order (one of the sect of Korean Buddhism) stands. One thing to see around the temple is the Baby Buddha which shown in the photo at center. Snapshot captured last June 2014.