Stopover at Sandalford Winery

Given a chance to join tours across Australia, though sometimes its part of commercializing the product of a specific business, one thing that I enjoy is a chance to visit wineries. I enjoy it because of vineyard scenery, a beautiful nature by itself. Of course the establishments tries to advertise their wines through collaboration to travel or tour companies but still, what it offers is allowing visitors to appreciate not only their wine products but their vineyards.

I had been in a couple of wineries but even that is the case, I still love and enjoy it. Seeing the green grapevines perfectly inline is indeed a lovely sight to see. Seeing it from a distance is amazing.







The next stopover that we did was in Sandalford in Margaret River Region. The said winery has another farm to be found at Swan Valley. Tasting wines is one way to introduce the product to people, but the tasting does not happened in just any places exclusively in their wineries.






Sandalford was one of the heritage wineries that I visited because of its history. Their first winery was born in Swan Valley in 1840, then they were able to survived two world wars and expanded their industry in Margaret River in 1970.

Notes :
1. Plan to visit Sandalford (Margaret River) ? Please check latest information here :
2. Location : 777 Metricup Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280, Australia
3. Directions to Sandalford (Margaret River) :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Driving to Wilyabrup
Official Website : Sandalford

Theme : Store – Sandalford Store

Theme (Post#11) : Store – Sandalford Store

Photos of the day are all about Sandalford Store. Sandalford is one of the pioneering companies in producing wine products in Western Australia that has global brand recognition since 1840. These photos are part of Margaret River (Western Australia) Region Tour October 2016.



Notes :
Photo : Winery, Sandalford Winery
Location : 777 Metricup Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Driving to Wilyabrup
Official Website : Sandalford

Theme : Gold Store – Dubai Gold Souk Store


Theme (Post#3) : Gold Store – Dubai Gold Souk Store

“Souk” in Dubai means “Traditional Market”. When I had an almost a week training in Dubai, I grabbed that opportunity to stay for a couple more days to explore Dubai and my expenses on it will be cover by myself. One of the traditional tour that I visited is Dubai Gold Souk. In my opinion, I can sense that countries in the desert, there are tantamount stores for gold and Dubai or let say UAE which is a desert country is one of them. While walking around the area of Gold Souk, we felt awe that there are too many stores selling gold products and the like which looks like the other products being sell in the market without anymore differences. It’s overwhelming because we are not talking just a common store but a gold. Photo captured during my holidays in Dubai last