Discovery : Swan Bells (The Bell Tower)

Discovery (Post#59) : Swan Bells (The Bell Tower)

Photos of the day are all about Swan Bells or famously known as “The Bell Tower” or “Swan Bell Tower”. When I reached Barrack Street Jetty, I was fascinated on glass tower located in Barrack Square. I did not know much about the tower aside from seeing it as outstanding structure from where I am. I was not able to get inside of the tower to see it up close, since its already closed for the day. Swan Bells is set of 18 bells hanging in specifically built campanile in Perth and is one of the largest sets of change ringing bells in the world. These photos are part of Perth and Surround Tour October 2016.





Notes :
Photo : Bell Tower, Campanile, Swan Bells
Location : Perth, WA, Australia
Transportation : Perth CAT
Official Website : The Bell Tower