A Bit of Perth

Before arriving at Perth, I already have plans for most of the days that I will be in the city. And because of this, I had less chance to walk around the city to be able to see it more. I knew that the city has a lot to offer but the limited time only gave me a chance to see a bit of Perth. Even though that was the case, I still appreciated some of the places that I had seen in Perth.

The Perth Mint


“The Perth Mint” was part of my city exploration.  I just separated the story of mint museum to emphasize the details of my visit to heritage building. To check the post, please see it here.

In this post, I will just show the other things that I saw during my walk in the city in limited time that I had in this capital city of Western Australia.

Swan River



Swan River and Langley Park


One of the first thing that I appreciated in the city was its famous Swan River. This huge river in the city starts from Avon River. It ends in Canning River and Fremantle Harbour. Swan River located in the middle of Perth city. And if you wanted to do things in the said river, the city offers a lot of activities that involve but not limited to fishing, sailing, and cruising within the river. Like myself, I enjoyed seeing the river by just walking on riverside and I amazed on the natural beauty it offers. For me, the river makes the city livable, it freshens up the day of the people who live around it. Because my hotel located at the central business district, I got lucky that I stayed in the room with Swan River scenery.



Langley Park

The open space green park that I saw from my window just beside Swan River is called Langley Park. And I got a chance to see it up close and personal when I walked on it.


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Coming from “The Perth Mint”, I walked along Hill Street towards Terrace Rd. I passed the hotel that I was staying and continued walking to Langley Park. The park even its just plain grassy land, beautifies the surroundings of business district of Perth. And because it’s a huge open space, the park is also used for landing of small aircraft. How cool is that?

Barrack Street Jetty


Walking towards Barrack Street Jetty along Victoria Avenue


Walking towards the Barrack Street Jetty along riverside



Perth Central CBD View



Almost near in Barrack Street Jetty

From Langley Park, I turned right and walked towards the Barrack Street Jetty. When I reached the jetty itself, one thing that caught my interest is the glass tower which actually a bell tower. It is known as Swan Bells, The Bell Tower or Swan Bell Tower. It has a feature of 18 bells hanging, where 12 bells has historic significance. Swan Bells considered to be one of the largest changing bells in the world.






Barrack Street Jetty





Swan Bells

Beside the Swan Bells, I saw a piece of art and I looked for some information about it. And I was right, it was a public art display beside Barrack Square. The public art is huge ring which called as “The Signature Ring” created by Simon Gauntlett and Matthew Ngui as a gift to the city during the Millennium celebration.



“The Signature Ring”

I continued exploring Barracks Street Jetty, since its almost evening, there were few people around the area. Beside the jetty station, is  Elizabeth Quay. At the time of my visit, developments and constructions were in progress. I left Barracks Street Jetty and walked along Barracks Street and there I saw Supreme Court of Western Australia. When I reached St George Terraces, I turned right and continued walking until I reached my hotel.

Until then.

Transportation : Perth – Scenic Cruising Boat

Transportation (Post#15) : Perth – Scenic Cruising Boat

Photos of the day are all about cruising boat found while exploring Barrack Street Jetty in Perth. The jetty itself has connecting cruises between Perth and Fremantle which made the travel easy coming between the two city. Aside from mode of transportation, it is another way to experience Swan River and to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds the river itself. These photos are part of Perth and Surround Tour October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : Boat, Cruising Boat
Location : Perth, WA, Australia
Transportation : Perth CAT

View At My Window : Swan River

View At My Window (Post#39) : Swan River

Photos of the day are all about Swan River. Unlike my previous post with the theme of “View At My Window”, the photos that I captured about Swan River were actually represents the view at my window in my hotel while staying in Pan Pacific Perth. I was thrilled that I have a great scenery to see by just looking outside of my window. Swan River flows through the city of Perth and I can say it’s in the middle of the city itself. Its natural beauty adds life to the surroundings of Perth. The upper part of the river starts and connected from Avon River and it ends which connected to Canning River and the other end is through the Fremantle Harbour to the sea. These photos are part of Perth and Surround Tour October 2016.




Notes :
Photo : River, Swan River
Location : Perth, WA, Australia
Transportation : Perth CAT