Top Destinations and Attractions – Rottnest Island Traveler’s Panorama Guide

Wanted to visit Rottnest Island? Looking for something what to see in this perfectly beautiful island not far from Perth? Searching what activities can be done in the island named after a cute animals thought to be rat but actually a quokka? You wanted to know more what’s in it in Rottnest? Do you know the island has lots of history worth knowing? So keep on reading.

Honestly, to enjoy the island, I suggest to spend at least 2 days, to maximize the time to go around it. I spent less than a day which was not enough and left me feel hanging for more.

Here are some questions for your reference where to go to the island during your holiday.

1. Are you an Adventure Seeker?

Rottnest Island are known to be a perfect place for adventure activities. Because it’s an island, it offers different kind of activities that can enjoy by all ages. The island was developed for recent years for recreational activities so that the guests will have its fulfilling vacation in the island. Whether you are into water sports or trekking enthusiast, Rottnest has something for you. If you into learning more, it has a history worth knowing and discovery.

What are the top activities that can be done in the island?

Thomson Bay Settlement , Oliver Hill and Wadjemup Lighthouse – Walking and Trekking

Thomson Bay – Swimming and Boating


Geordie Bay – Swimming


Henrieeta Rocks, Parker Point, Jeannies Pool, Little Salmon Bay and Salmon Bay – Swimming and Snorkeling

Around the island – Biking


Rottnest Island has Biking tracks all over the island that can maximize by visitors, just be prepared for the upward tracks that are more challenging.

Riceys Beach and Stark Bay – Swimming and Surfing

Thomson Bay Settlement – Camping


Thomson Bay and Parker Point – Boating

Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Thomson Bay, Catherine Bay, Salmon Bay and Parker Point-Purpoise Bay – Recreational Fishing (rod and line held fishing)

2. Are you a Scenic View Lover?

If you are not into physical activities but loves to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the island, I suggest to join the grand island tour where most if not all iconic viewpoint or lookout within the island will be visited. And you will definitely amaze how beautiful the island is in terms of its scenery.

Henrietta Rocks


Parker Point


Jeannies Lookout


Salmon Bay Lookout


Fish Hook Bay Lookout


Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform


Cathedral Rocks Lookout


3. Are you a History and a Culture Buff?

Don’t be fool that Rottnest Island is just for holiday or vacation, it is a perfect place to learn more about Australia’s history focused on Western Australia and Rottnest Island itself.

Oliver Hill


Thomson Bay Settlement


4. Are you a Shopaholic?

The island does not have shopping mall, but it has general stores where visitors can buy the general stuff it needs. And you can find something if you are looking for a memory or souvenir from the island.

Thomson Bay – General Store


5. Are you Just Chilling Out?

Rottnest Island is a perfect place if you just wanted to have a slow holiday. If you just wanted to stay on specific part of the island and just chilling out, it will be a worthy vacation to rest. You can choose to stay in any beaches that surrounds the island or just stay in Thomson Bay Settlement area to spend your time and get relax.

For some bays and beaches to visit in Rottnest Island, check here.

Notes :
During my travel to Rottnest Island, I knew that it was a beautiful island, but it was different when I was there and seeing lots of amazing places with my own eyes. For me it was a perfect island to enjoy water. Though I never had a chance to swim in any of the beaches which I really regret as I was not prepared. I never brought anything with me to do it. And one thing that I regret, I made it as my last destination before departing Perth or lets say departing Australia. I suggest to spend if not possible of two days, but at least spend an overnight to the island to do lots of activities and appreciate more what the island has to offer. Visiting the island is one of the great holidays in my life while exploring the world.

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14 Amazing Bays, Beaches & Pool to Enjoy in Rottnest
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5 Reasons Why Rottnest Island Is Your Next Perfect Holiday Destination?

Are you wondering if its worth to visit Rottnest Island as your next holiday vacation? My visit in the island was considered a once in a lifetime, because the world is so big, and it’s really hard to say if I will get a chance for a second time. My tour in Rottnest was one of the awesome holidays that I had even though I spent less than a day in the island.

Being able to explore almost the whole island, was my reference to say that if you are into island adventure all in one, Rottnest is indeed a perfect holiday destination. Whether you are adventure seeker or stay-cation enthusiast, there is definitely something for you. Whether you are solo traveler like me or you are with family, the island has lots of things to offer for yourself, your friends, for your love one or for your family.

Without further ado, below are the reasons why you must consider Rottnest Island as your next holiday destination.

1. Lovely Bays, Beaches & Pool

Rottnest Island is “One of the Most Luxurious Snorkelling Spots in the World” according to Expedia’s Listopedia. Rottnest has 63 beaches and what I saw were just some part of it. Some bays and beaches to mention are : Thomson Bay, Henrietta Rocks & The Shark Wreck, Parker Point and Purpoise Bay, Jeannies Pool, Little Salmon Bay, Salmon Bay, Fish Hook Bay, Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Rocky Bay, Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

2. Historical and Mighty Hills

Rottnest has significant participation in defending a part of Australia through Oliver Hill with colourful history. The hill features the military defense of the island by protecting and defending port of Perth and Fremantle. The 9.2 inch battery remains can still be seen and enjoyed through tunnel tour. Not far from Oliver Hill, the Wadjemup Hill and Lighthouse can be seen. The lighthouse itself protects the boats that approaches the island.

3. Scenic Lakes

During the island exploration, Rottnest does not have only beaches and bays, it has scenic lakes to enjoy through bus tour, biking or even walking and trekking. The lakes to enjoy are : Lake Vincent, Herschel Lake and Government House Lake.

4. Green Technology – Rottnest Wind Turbine

As part of environmental protection of the island, Rottnest built a wind turbine to both fulfill the electricity needs of the island as holiday destination and to reduce diesel / greenhouse emission.


5. Hearty Historical Place – Thomson Bay Settlement

The island has a heartfelt and deep history that needs to be learned by visitors of the island to appreciate what it has been through and why it is a holiday destination nowadays. Thomson Bay Settlement area witnessed this part of history.


Notes :
1. Plan to visit Rottnest Island ? Please check latest information here.
2. Location : Rottnest Island, WA 6161, Australia
3. Directions to Rottnest Island :
Transportation :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Go to Barrack Street Jetty Elizabeth Quay terminal and take Rottnest Express
c. Go to Hillarys Ferry Terminal and take Rottnest Fast Ferries boat
d. Go to Northport Rous Head Harbour or  B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and
take Rottnest Express ferry or
e. Go to B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and take Sealink Rottnest Island ferry
Official Website : Rottnest Island


14 Amazing Bays, Beaches & Pool to Enjoy in Rottnest

As Rottnest surrounded by water for being an island, therefore it is understandable that it has plenty of bays, beaches and even pool that fascinates every water adventure enthusiast. It has total of 63 beaches and what I had seen so far were just few of it. Whether you are a rookie swimmer, seasoned snorkeler or expert diver, or just wanted to go fishing or watching sunset with sea, the island offers a lot of water spots to enjoy with different activities. The list below is partial list that I was able to see from the ground and just waiting to be explored. And do not take for granted Rottnest as it is “One of the Most Luxurious Snorkelling Spots in the World” according to Expedia’s Listopedia.

1. Thomson Bay

The bay named after Robert Thomson who farmed salt from the island in 1841. Arriving in Thomson Bay is the first thing to experience in the island. You will immediately see jetties on this bay. The Main Jetty, Fuel Jetty and Hotel Jetty are all located in Thomson Bay. Additional feature of the bay is its historical settlement area where it boast its interesting Colonial Buildings that are more than 100 years old standing until today which mostly converted and used as guest houses, accommodations and hotels nowadays. From the settlement, there is sheltered waters of Thomson Bay that can be enjoyed for swimming. There is aquapark as well that can enjoy inflatable equipment for any ages.




2. Henrietta Rocks & The Shark Wreck

Henrietta Rocks is a lookout where it can easily see “The Shark” shipwreck which said to be the easiest shipwreck to enjoy around the island for diving and for snorkeling as it is accessible 50 meters from the beach. There is small beach under the lookout that can be enjoyed for swimming. Whether you enjoy the beach alone or snorkel in short distance, the place is perfect for both. Henrietta Rocks Lookout, Dyer Island can be seen closer than any other points in the island.




3. Parker Point and Purpoise Bay

Parker Point does not only offer scenic views of stunning bay and beaches from its lookout, the white sand beach at the bottom is lovely, the turquoise water is great for swimming. Parker Point beach is one of the most popular beach in the island. And Purpose Bay is wonderful for boating experience. The bay is one of the great spot for snorkeling since Parker Point is one out of five marine sanctuary exist in Rottnest.




4. Jeannies Pool

A beautiful pool can be seen in Jeannies lookout. The pool is a series of holes in the reefs between Parker Point and Little Salmon Bay and only recommended to swim if the wind is light. From the lookout, the pool scenery is unique compared to other viewpoint.




5. Little Salmon Bay

When I had a chance to see Little Salmon Bay from a distance, I can say that the small beach was amazing. Its clear water still visible from afar that looks so lovely for swimming.




6. Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay is the longest bay in Rottnest where the long stretch of shoreline consist of beaches boasted its beauties and offers lots of underwater sites to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.




7. Fish Hook Bay

This bay near at Cape Vlamingh looks similar to Jeannies Pool from the lookout which also said to be a great place for snorkelling. It is said that this bay can enjoy lots of fishes and even turtles.




8. Cape Vlamingh

At Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform I enjoyed the waves that breaks into the reef and an up-close observation of flying silver gull. During migration season, this is one of the best spots to enjoy watching whales.




9. Cathedral Rocks

Not far from Cape Vlamingh is Cathedral Rocks where the New Zealand Fur Seals (local residents of the island) can be observed from the viewing platform or from the boat that can go nearer to these wilds at short distance. If lucky, will have a chance to see them playing around in the water like what I witnessed during the visit.




Other bays and beach that I found while exploring the island are : Rocky Bay , Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

10. Rocky Bay




11. Stark Bay




12. Ricey Beach




13. Catherine Bay Beach




14. Geordie Bay




Notes :
1. Plan to visit Rottnest Island ? Please check latest information here.
2. Location : Rottnest Island, WA 6161, Australia
3. Directions to Rottnest Island :
Transportation :
a. Join Day Tours from Perth or
b. Go to Barrack Street Jetty Elizabeth Quay terminal and take Rottnest Express
c. Go to Hillarys Ferry Terminal and take Rottnest Fast Ferries boat
d. Go to Northport Rous Head Harbour or  B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and
take Rottnest Express ferry or
e. Go to B Shed Victoria Quay in Fremantle and take Sealink Rottnest Island ferry
Official Website : Rottnest Island


4 Most Favorite Places in Rottnest

If I will look into the places that I saw, reached, visited within Rottnest Island, I can say, I have favorites. And it fall into group based on its similarities, to be able to identify which place is the most beautiful for me, which is historic based on experience or which place left something that I will remember if not forever but for a very long time. The list of favorite can be subjective based on my preferences. And for others whom visited the island may or may not agree with me. If you wanted to see post about Rottnest, please visit here.

1. Favorite Historical or Heritage Place – Oliver Hill

Historical places that I had a chance to visit in Rottnest are : Oliver Hill, Wadjemup Lighthouse and Thomson Bay Settlement area. There is one historical place in the island that I never had a chance to see and that is Kingstown Barracks.


Oliver Hill has 9.2 inch battery where I had a chance for gun and tunnel tour. It is my favorite because though this related to World War II, but its purpose when it was built was for defense. Unlike Thomson Bay Settlement, it honestly breaks my heart, as for me it represents history of real sufferings, as the aboriginals or first nations that lived even before Europeans arrived, became strangers on their own land.

2. Favorite Viewpoint or Lookout – Parker Point

I think this may be the most challenging thing to think of. Why? Because Rottnest is an island and because it has so many viewpoints or lookout, majority if not all, gives panoramic scenery of beaches, bay and seas. And it is so hard to choose which one is the best. I can honestly say that I love all of it. But in the end, I chose Parker Point.


When I had a chance to see Parker Point where its Purpoise Bay shown its different colours of the bay made me felt that it was so perfect and felt like I was seeing a paradise again.

The following viewpoint or lookout that offers amazing scenery are : Henrietta Rocks, Jeannies Lookout, Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Wadjemup Hill and Oliver Hill

3. Favorite Bay or Beaches – Little Salmon Bay

Since I was not able to swim in the island, I can only based my preference on the surface of the bay or the beach. Because I prefer to swim on clear water even in beaches, the best candidates are either Parker Point or Little Salmon Bay. Then, in the end I decided to choose Little Salmon Bay.


Other bays or beaches to appreciate in Rottnest are : Thomson Bay, Parker Point in Purpoise Bay, Little Salmon Bay,  Salmon Bay, Rocky Bay, Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

4. Miscellaneous Favorite – Rottnest Wind Turbine

For no category place favorite, I can say that I like Rottnest Wind Turbine its surroundings looks picturesque. Other places to see and explore while in the island are : Eastern Osprey Nest, Fish Hook Bay (Cape Vlamingh), Lake Vincent, Lake Baghdad and Government House Lake.


Now that I listed my favorites in Rottnest, what are yours?

Until then.

Where to go in Wheatbelt Region?

It was another fulfilling journey that I had in my third day in Perth which was my second day tour. As I am searching what’s common to all towns that we visited in the tour that will describe most of the areas, I found the common thing that I can say about the towns of York, Quaraiding, Corrigin and Hyden. I learned that all of the towns are belong in one region named Wheatbelt Region. It is one of the major regions in Western Australia that most of its land area are focused in agriculture.


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Perth Convention Exhibition Centre


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Perth Arena

From my hotel in Perth, I was picked-up by big tour bus, which I thought after I jumping into it and after picking up other passengers, we will be driving straight to the tour, but our bus dropped off us at Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, which for me a few minutes opportunity to see the other parts of Perth. The location became the hub of all the tourist that will join tours for that day in the same company tour. And its a good strategy as all their tourist, whichever tour they will join, just need to switch to another bus that assigned for the right tour and voila, all where picked-up in one place before heading to the tour. Therefore, after I went outside the bus that picked me up in the hotel, I checked which bus will go to my tour which not hard to see and we just queued for few minutes. Then, our tour guide calls the name on his list and when my name was called, I jumped into the bus, the bus that will bring me to my next travel tour in Wave Rock located in Hyden.


Windan Bridge and Swan River


Windan Bridge and Optus Stadium

From Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, we took Graham Farmer Freeway, Windan Bridge, Great Eastern Highway Bypass, Great Eastern Highway and Great Southern Highway to reach York.

Our driver and tour guide, while we took Graham Farmer Freeway or Northbridge Tunnel just mentioned that tunnel itself has town above it, which an amazing information that was given to us that time. Well it was not surprising anymore that around the world, the tunnels in the metro or the city has buildings and establishments above it.

1. York

First inland town in the state of Western Australia found near the Avon River and part of Avon Valley. This town is full of historical and heritage buildings along Avon Terrace. Stopping here is a worth thing to do and will not regret visiting the historical town.


York Town Hall

After stopping at York, the tour continues. And we had few stops between York and Hyden for some unique tourist spots and discovered things along the way.

2. Quaraiding

Quaraiding is a farming community which can be found along York-Quaraiding Road which both sides offers beautiful green scenery. The name Quairading, is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Kwirading’ meaning the home of a small bush kangaroo.


Rabbit-Proof Fence (State Barrier Fence of Western Australia) – World’s Longest Fence

3. Corrigin

Corrigin is widely known as a ‘Town of Windmills’ due to the abundant supply of ground water. Almost every home had a windmill until 1960 when the town was supplied with scheme water. Like Quaraiding, the community is also located at the central Wheatbelt region.

After a quick stop at Quaraidang, we returned to the bus and we were back in the road. When we were at Corrigin-Quaraiding Road, we turned left to Brookton-Corrigin Road, and stopped along that road near Jose Road where saw a unique and interesting cemetery.


Corrigin Dog Cemetery

4. Hyden

The last town that we had visited was Hyden, the home of major tourist spots such as Hippo’s Yawn, Wave Rock and Mulka’s Cave. This town in Wheatbelt Region enjoys the visits of more than hundred visitors every year. The town has been part of ancient river system that exist in Western Australia where its visible remnants are the salt lakes astray in the town.

a. Hippo’s Yawn


b. Wildflower Shoppe Cafe


c. Wave Rock Wildlife Park


d. Hyden Rock


e. Wave Rock


f. The Humps and Mulka’s Cave


Top Destinations and Attractions – Northern Territory Traveler’s Panorama Guide

Planning to explore Northern Territory? Wanted to make it full and lasting holiday in this federal territory of Australia called as the country’s outback? You are in the right place to check and see what this full of desert landscapes has to offer.

This post will give some insights what places to see and visit in Northern Territory using some questions to know your travel preference.

1. Are you an Adventure Seeker?

I can truly say that people visited Northern Territory are adventurers. Why? Because most of the places to visit in this part of Australia requires physical activities like walking, trekking, climbing, swimming or combination.  It means that you cannot see the awesome places without doing an effort to see or experience it unless you wanted to see wonderful places from above through flying with helicopter which is different.  The lists below are a must-see.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Bush Walking, Walking, Trekking


Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) – Trekking


Kings Canyon – Trekking


Litchfield National Park – Walking, Trekking, Swimming


Nitmiluk National Park – Trekking, Swimming


2. Are you a Scenic View Lover?

Northern Territory offers a lot of fascinating natural wonders, that sometimes even myself thinking how on earth these nature wonders ever created? The list below should not be missed.

Nitmiluk National Park


Litchfield National Park


Mount Conner Lookout


Uluru / Ayers Rock Lookout


Kata Tjuta Dune Viewing Area


Kings Canyon


3. Are you a History and a Culture Buff?

Have you ever wondered that Northern Territory also offers its part of its history and culture based on the nature wonders that it offers? Yes, it is still correlated to each other and visitors like me wondered that the aboriginals that lives in this part of Australia are being proud of their own identity and community. Below list are recommended places for it.

Uluru (Ayers) Rock


Judbarra (Gregory) National Park


Strauss Airfield


4. Are you a Shopaholic?

If you are still tend to buying stuff while in Northern Territory, I think the shopping experience you will have in this part of Australia will be a bit different compared when you are into buying things in the city, as most of the things you can buy around Northern Territory will reflect the culture of the Aboriginals or their local products which can be found in markets across the territory. Since both of my tour in the said territory are more on adventure tour, I do not have experience in doing shopping aside from basic needs like food and drinks. But I had visited and seen aboriginal arts stores across the territory.

5. Are you Just Chilling Out?

Do you want to travel in Northern Territory without exerting too much physical adventures just to reach amazing places in this part of Australia? And you just wanted to rest to unwind and become a bit of lazy? Here are some options for you to do that.

Alice Spring



Notes :

Coming to Northern Territory for me is not a typical or ordinary travel that people usually does. Traveling in this part of Australia means, a great love for nature and willing to go beyond the comfort zone. And wanted to have an extraordinary travel or adventure. For people who are not adventurous enough and does not want to exhaust itself from lots of physical activities to reach the wonderful places in Northern Territory has a choice to do sightseeing in luxurious ways like bus tour or fly tour. And people like me who just had enough to do adventures chose to go in affordable way. I can’t afford luxury travel therefore I came in this part of Australia in most economical way that I can. I joined adventure tours where the cost was lower compared to other tour offerings, but these kind of tours has requirements, you must be up for adventures. If you are not, then, either you spend fortunes to travel in most comfortable way possible. In the end, everybody can still visit Northern Territory and enjoy it no matter how different ways it is.

Travel Page :

Northern Territory

Travel Posts :

Travel Tips :

Additional Resources :


8 Places To Explore in Margaret River (Western Australia)

At my second day in Perth, my first day tour happened when I joined the trip to Margaret River, which located in south-west corner of Australia. The region starts from Busselton to Augusta on the shores of Geographe Bay. It is known for global wines, fine beaches, surfing spots, walking trails and beautiful caves. One day is not enough to see the whole region, but visiting some of its highlights such as tourist spots of the region can be the start or the opportunity to appreciate it.

The journey to the region started and ended in the town of Busselton. The trip includes visiting the longest jetty in southern hemisphere, lunch in brewery, tasting of wines, walking inside the cave, visiting lighthouse, shopping local products and dinner in a beach resort. It’s a fulfilling but relaxing 13+ hours of day tour.

Busselton Jetty

One thing that fascinates me on this place even though we had given a very limited time to explore the place, I took my chances to walk to the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere. The experience to see the coastline without getting soaked by the sea and without the need of a boat was unforgettable experience. It is one of the unexpected adventure that I will treasure as traveler.




Bootleg Brewery

The picturesque backdrop of this brewery restaurant made the place special. It was built just beside a lake. They designed the brewery with a “feel like home” to anyone and to enjoy and to feel the fresh air of the farmland.




Sandalford Winery (Margaret River)

A quick visit in Sandalford wineries was a good one. To stop for sometime and to enjoy not only the tasting of wines but also to feel relax by just looking at the vineyards that surrounds the store. The special thing to learn about Sandalford, they are in winery business for more than 175 years. They produce global brand of wines.




Mammoth Cave

We spent time to visit the famous cave in Margaret River region which is Mammoth Cave. The visit in the cave is pretty comfortable since it has boardwalk and stairways in-placed. And one great to learn inside the cave is about Australian Megafauna which an extinct animals and had roamed inside the cave which estimated to be 50,000 years old, a discovery that made the cave called as “Dawn of Creation”.




Boranup Forest

Driving within the Boranup Forest can be considered a memorable experience, though anyone can think that it was just a forest but being inside the forest and see the towering trees of karri (the third tallest trees in the world) will be amazed on the scenery.




Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

The visit in this cape was worthy. Discovery this part of Australia thought me a lot of things. In this place, I was able to discover the imaginary border between Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean where give the visitors to see these two oceans in just one place. The lighthouse precinct is a heritage and its little museum shows its colorful history.




Margaret River Town

The town made me feel at ease even we had a short visit. We stopped here for a quick look around of the town and a chance for us to buy local products. The town is located in between of Bussell Highway that is why its a great stop when exploring the region.




Abbey Beach Resort

This beach resort is located at Busselton and had a grand resort. Though we never got a chance to explore the resort itself, but we had dinner in one of its restaurant – The Atrium. I can say that even the restaurant is grand since its part of the resort hotel and I like the dinner that I chose while we were here.




Travel Diary 101 : Broome – A Pearling Town in Kimberley

When we were on our way to Broome, I felt mixed emotions, I felt sadness and then excited. The 9 Days Overland Adventure was almost over which made me felt a bit gloomy but it I was elated with the thought of  my next adventures in Broome.

Because there was no telecom signal most of the time while we were in Kimberley, I haven’t checked emails. On our way to famous town in Kimberley, I took my chance to check emails. Then, I received notifications that my accommodation reservation in Broome was canceled. I felt uneasy after I read it, because we’re on our way to the town and yet and I don’t have a place to stay. I immediately browse sites to check available rooms for me.  I selected the same hotel that I booked before and that was the time I felt relax again when the booking has been confirmed.

When we started to see houses, we knew that we reached Broome. Honestly, before I booked the Overland Adventure tour, I never heard about the town’s name but during my researched before my trip, I saw an adventure activity that I wanted to experience as it is only available from Derby and Broome, I was hoping that during my stay in the town it will happen, I was talking about Horizontal Falls. It is quite an expensive adventure but I dream about it and praying that I will have opportunity to experience and witness it with my own eyes but this dream depends on nature, the Horizontal Falls does not always happen like other waterfalls that dries up and has seasons that its visible.

When I went off the truck, I bid goodbyes to the people left in the vehicle. And I had photo memory with our awesome guide Scotty. And I knew that most from the group stays in one hotel and Scotty told me to go to the hotel so we can still had some dinner that night, I said to Scotty I will try.

Then, I went inside OAKS Broome Hotel that I booked, approached the lobby officer and checked-in. That night, I was contemplating to think if I will go out that night or stay for the night. Then I went to my assigned room and started checking the internet in my phone with the objective to organize my adventures in two days while in Broome.

I already reserved one tour which all about Broome for the next day even before I reached Broome.  And that night, I still tried to booked two more important adventures that I was hoping that I will be able to join even just one of the two will do. I was trying to booked for the second adventure with the options of either Horizontal Falls or Cape Leveque 4WD Tour. I sent an email again to Horizontal Falls Tour Operator that night to follow-up if they will operate during my stay in the town. Then, I booked the Cape Leveque 4WD tour via Viator. I had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel and returned to my room, still checking other activities that I can do the next day until I fall asleep. This means that I never had a chance anymore to meet my group from overland adventure tour that night.

The two days adventure in Broome happened so fast. But the main adventures that I was hoping to happen did not materialize. The Horizontal Falls Tour was not operating during my stay in the town due to neap tides which means that the high and low water has no difference and the Horizontal Falls is most likely not visible at that time. This is second adventure that I missed after Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory. I felt really sad because the timing was not really for me. It was nature and I don’t have control on it. The Cape Leveque 4WD Tour that I booked Viator which is the second adventure that I was hoping to experience while in town, has been canceled as the tour is fully booked. Two main adventures, I missed for certain reasons. I felt empty-handed. I was in beautiful town far away from the world and yet I missed its beautiful natures that I dreamed to experience and to discover. I cannot extend my time in Broome, because I have to go to my last adventures in Western Australia which is Perth and its surrounding places.

But my stay in Broome did not end in vain. I was able to work on things that made this town a remarkable for me with some discovery that is unique to itself and to the world. If I will be given a chance, I will come back in this place and plan to stay few more days to see, experience and discover what the town is offering to its guest and visitors.

Here are my perception and impression that the town left on my during the time that I was there. Broome is a remote town in Kimberley but even it is remote place, it is indeed a popular place for adventures and relaxation. Broome is a pearling town that once the main producer of pearls in the world. But due to certain events, the town almost wiped-out because of war. Broome strived so hard to live. Now it is not only a pearling town because of history and because of its major industry that fuels its economy but a great place for tourism industry as it offers so much to anyone who dare to go to this town which considered to be one of the most remote place in Australia.

Here are some of the places that I had a chance to see and explore while I was in town.

Day 1

Broome Sightseeing Tour


Sun Pictures


Cygnet Bay Shops


Japanese Cemetery


Matso’s Broome Brewery


Cable Beach (South) – Part 1

Day 2

IMG_8588 (2)_s

Broome Town Beach


Roebuck Bay

IMG_8580 (2)_s1

Guwarri Old Jetty (McDaniels Lookout)


Pioneer Cemetery



Broome Historical Museum


Willie Creek Pearl Farm


Cable Beach (North) – Part 2

Top Destinations and Attractions – Guam Traveler’s Panorama Guide

Planning to visit Guam anytime soon? And you don’t have idea what this small island is offering you? Here’s some idea where to go, what to see and what to do. This post is a simple guide of destinations and attractions while vacationing in Guam.

Below are list of some questions for you to answer so you can focus on what you like to do while in Guam.

1. Are you an Adventure Seeker?

As an island, Guam offers different activities in different locations that puts their visitor busy in their schedule. Whether you like in or out of the water activities, there is something for you. Below are some destinations that offers adventure to anyone such as snorkeling, buggy off-road driving, trekking and even cave swimming.

Piti, Guam

Fish Eye Marine Park – Snorkeling


Yigo, Guam

Guam International Raceway – Buggy Off-Road Driving


Pagat Point – Trekking


Pagat Cave – Swimming


Yona, Guam

Tarzan Falls – Trekking


2. Are you a Scenic View Lover?

Since Guam is an island, picturesque views with ocean is probably common but the stunning beauty it offers always amaze everyone, just look in different directions and different angles, you will surprise that all you see are fascinating scenery.

Tamuning, Guam

Two Lovers Point (Puntan Dos Amantes)


Yigo, Guam

Guam International Raceway Viewpoint


Pagat Point


Hagatna, Guam

Fort Santa Agueda


Asan-Maina, Guam

Asan Bay Overlook


Libugon Vista Point


Umatac, Guam

Fort Soledad


3. Are you a History and a Culture Buff?

The island has significant places to discover its culture and to learn its role from the past. Spending half a day on these places will gain knowledge about Guam.

Hagatna, Guam

Plaza de España


Insular Guard Monument


Stone Latte Park


Senator Angel Leon Guerrero SantosLatte Stone Memorial Park


Japanese Caves Latte Park


Chamorro Village Night Market


Fort Santa Agueda


Latte of Freedom


Asan-Maina, Guam

War in the Pacific National Historical Park


Asan Point, Asan Beach Park and Nimitz Hillside


Mabini Historical Marker (Mabini Statue)


Asan Bay Overlook at Nimitz Hill


Fonte Plateau


Umatac, Guam

Fort Soledad


Magellan’s Landing


Yigo, Guam

Pagat Latte Site


4. Are you a Shopaholic?

Like other countries that promotes tourism, shopping centers will not be missed. Why? Because people love to buy stuff even on the go.

Dededo, Guam

Micronesia Mall (No Photo)

Tamuning, Guam

Tumon, Tamuning


JP Superstore


The Plaza


T Galleria by DFS


ABC Stores


Tumon Sand Plaza


Guam Premier Outlet (No Photo)

Kmart (No Photo)

Hagatna, Guam

Agana Shopping Center


5. Are you Just Chilling Out?

Traveling stress free? And wanted to relax without pressure? Planning too many itineraries was not your thing? And just wanted to stay in your travel comfort zone? The place below is for you.

Tumon, Guam


Have you been in Guam? Have you visited places aside from what I mentioned above? I love to hear what can you say in those places. Share your thoughts about it. And I will be glad to know and learn about it. Who knows, the place you had seen maybe my next destination while mine will be your next adventures.

Notes :
I stayed in Tumon district and accommodation is pricey, but I weigh that location is more important to me as it has more access to other tourist destinations and public transportation is available though still limited. Mobility was a priority to me so I can move around the island. I do not need to worry if I got late outside and can walk towards my hotel since I do not know how to drive and I solely rely on public transportation and arranged tours. The island does not have systematic public transportation and most of the time unreliable if outside Tumon. If you know how to drive, I recommend to rent a car to see the whole island and find alternative accommodations in other villages for a much cheaper price.

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5 Reasons Why Most of the Travelers in Guam Flocks in Tumon

Most of the tourist districts that I visited, as an observation, boils down with common factors that it has and able to keep the tourist to stay. I can say that all the reasons listed below are pointing to what we call travel comfort zone.

Fundamentals of Traveler’s Needs

Below are the things that we can accept as needs of every traveler every time people are on vacation or holiday. Well, see for yourself if the list are true if you had been in Guam.

1. Accommodation

Tumon is where most of the hotels and accommodations are located.

2. Food, Clothing and Shopping Needs

Tumon is like metropolis where different shopping centers, restaurants and cafe can be found. Most of them are located along Pale San Vitores Road.

3. Mobility

In all villages in the island, Tumon district has at least a public transportation with arrange route to other shopping centers and nearby tourist spots and people don’t need to rent a car and drive. The island does not have systematic and reliable public transportation therefore having a nearby, cheap and available transportation that works is very important.

4. Tourist Spots

The district surrounds Tumon Bay, therefore it has easy access to both public and private beaches within the stretch of the bay. And aside from beaches, the district features other tourist spots and entertainments establishments that visitors can enjoy and spend their time.

5. Language Support

Visitors with different language like Japanese are almost supported in Tumon if not all over Guam. Most of the hotels employ people with such language skill. Japanese is what I think the most foreign visitors of the island. And even travel tour companies accommodates to support this language.


Do you agree if all the above are the basic needs of the tourist are all in Tumon? Do you have other idea what other traveler needs while in Guam? Please share it and lets exchange our ideas and experiences we had in Guam.

Until then.

25 Reasons Why You Must Visit Northern Territory

Visiting or exploring Northern Territory in Australia is one of the best thing to do if you are in this continent country down under. The said territory offers variety of national parks with distinct characters on its own. Though I haven’t seen all of national parks such as Kakadu which I initially planned to explore but failed because of some unforeseen reason but the other parks that I got a chance to see did not fail me to amaze me and I truly admired them. There are so many reasons why people visiting Australia should try to explore this part of the country.

Below are the list of reasons which all of them I got a chance to see, visit, explore and experience while touring around Northern Territory.

1. Camel Farm (Camel Australia)

This camel farm was not too far from Alice Spring, anyone who haven’t experience camel ride adventure, on this farm everyone will get the chance the camel ride challenge of a lifetime.



2. Erldunda

This place in Northern Territory is a homestead which is a great stopover station from a long drive either in Stuart Highway or Lasseter Highway. It offers accommodations, fuel refill and even shops in the middle of the remote desert.

3. Yulara

This is an isolated town where our group had spent overnight sleeping in a swag in an open camp site. A great outback experience for the night where you can enjoy stars before sleeping tight. This is also the town where most of the expensive accommodations located in Red Centre.


4. Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Uluru is an island mountain rock with sacred significance to Aboriginal People lives in the area. Also called Ayers Rocks is commonly uses as Australia’s Outback landmark. Try to do the base walk instead of climbing the rock as respect to aboriginals request.



Kapi Mutitjulu

5. Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

If you are not into walking at the base of Ayers Rock, then the Uluru Sunset Viewing area is for you which offers scenic view of Uluru from a distance. It gives the visitor a chance to take photos of the whole island mountain rock stands in the middle of remote wilderness.


6. Mount Conner Lookout (Mount Conner View With Sand Dunes and Lake Across)

Along Lasseter Highway there is Mount Conner Lookout to appreciate the scenic view of the Mount Conner itself. Then, across the lookout, there is sand dunes where anyone can play and the lake view to enjoy beside it.




7. Kata Tjuta Dune Viewing Area

This lookout area is positioned in a good location to see both Uluru and Kata Tjuta in different times of the day to appreciate these two natural wonders exist in Red Centre.



8. Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Trekking “The Olgas” was one of a kind of journey that I had while at the Red Centre. Experiencing these amazing rock formations that grown like hills and mountains made me think how such things happened in this part of the world that made these rocks became wonderful on its own.



9. George Gill Range

Coming from Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and using Lasseter Highway, the George Gill is a long mountain range which said to be purely sandstone but while we were on the road this mountain range offers scenic views to anyone who passed the road. The mountain range also used by tourism for scenic flight adventure.

10. Kings Creek Station

This is the station where we stayed for an overnight before we trek Kings Canyon. Anybody who plan to adventure in the outback, this station offers accommodations, camping, even basic supplies to survive in remote wilderness, food and tours.



11. Kings Canyon at Wattarka National Park

We had a trek within the Canyon Walk where we reached Cotterrils Lookout, crossed “Garden of Eden”, saw Rock Domes, Kings Creek and Lost City. We also experienced the Canyon Rim Walk with a breath-taking scenery to enjoy.






12. Alice Springs

It is a town in Northern Territory located almost at the center of Australia and said to have equidistant between Darwin and Adelaide. When I got a chance be  in the city, I had few hours spent here which mostly because of my accommodation before the Red Centre adventure and before flying back to Melbourne. For me this town is an interesting one since the common job within the town are related to tourism, I am wondering how such small community able to survive in the middle of the desert


13. Darwin and The Cav

I haven’t had a picture of tourist spot in Darwin because I only slept few hours in the city, as I was not really able to explore this city at the top end. But I will not forget the food that I tasted in “The Cav” (Cavenagh Hotel) where I stayed for an overnight before the overland adventure took place. The restaurant is famous for its steak menu and popular in Darwin which proven to be true.


14. Strauss Airfield

Along Stuart Highway in Noonamah, Northern Territory, Strauss Airfield is situated just beside the highway. The historical airfield was built in 1942 during World War II. Only remnants can be found in the site as reminders of the airfield and its story since it was decommissioned after the war in 1945.




15. Batchelor Town

Batcher Town is a small town to see in Batchelor Road. The town keeps and maintain the Replica of Karlstejn Castle at Havlik Park which named after Bernie Havlik whom made the huge rock into castle. Batchelor town is considered as the gateway to Litchfield National Park.


16. Banyan Tree Caravan Park

Banyan Tree Caravan Park offers accommodations and has shop or store for a quick break or snack before doing the adventures in Litchfield National Park.



17. Cathedral Termite (Nasutitermes Triodiae) Mounds

Everyone driving near or within Litchfield National Park will witness lots of termite mounds around the area. But two of gigantic termite mounts can be found here and called as Cathedral Termite Mounds


18. Magnetic Termite or Compass Termite (Amitermes Meridionalis) Mounds

Another termite mound that will amaze visitors is a cemetery look-alike termite mounds called Magnetic Termite Mounds where the termites able to create a perfectly flat mound upward.


19. Florence Falls (Karrimura)

Florence Falls is said to be a spiritual place in a sense that it is exclusive  to individual no matter you are near or far from people.


20. Tolmer Falls

Tomer Falls is a spectacular falls within Litchfield National Park with high distant and deep plunge pool.


21. Litchfield Cafe

Litchfield Cafe was the place where a cold buffet lunch is being offered but need to check if advance booking is a must. This restaurant is famous of their mango cheesecake desert.


22. Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls is the most popular pool to visitors and the most accessible falls within Litchfield National Park.


23. Edith Falls (Leliyn Falls)

Edith Falls or Leliyn Falls is a series of cascading waterfalls and pools on the Edith River in Nitmiluk National Park. With limited time in the waterfall, everyone can enjoy either in the base pool or main pool and the upper pool. For more adventurous one, a day trek to Sweetwater pool is a great one.




24. Katherine Gorge

A quick hike to Baruwei Lookout offers stunning scenery of Nitmiluk National Park with Katherine River.



25. Judbarra (Gregory) National Park

A site rich of aboriginal cultures which depicts in the arts found along the escarpment walls in Judbarra National Park.




The above 25 reasons are my list and there are more reasons aside from above, to think that I haven’t visited the World Heritage Site Kakadu National Park. If I were you, I will plan to explore this part of Australia and you will not disappoint because you will enjoy the top end.


Top 5 National Parks of Northern Territory Visited

For the two times that I had a chance to visit Northern Territory in Australia, I got a chance to visit and experience some of its best national parks. I knew for myself that I haven’t seen all the national parks that Northern Territory has to offer but if I will have another chance to come back, I definitely plan to visit the other parks. But for now, I had visited five national parks and I described in the post my experiences as my reasons how I rate them. I truly recommend all of them to visit and other parks to be found at top end of Australia.

Top 1 – Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon)

My most favorite national park that I visited in Northen Territory is Watarrka National Park where Kings Canyon in Australia is located. The main reason why I like it the most is because it is a canyon. I really like canyon. And the best about this one was the chance to trek within the canyon where we took Canyon Rim Walk track. Following the track gave us the chance to reached Cotterrils Lookout, to cross Garden of Eden, to see Rock Domes, Kings Creek and Lost City where all of it can be found within Kings Canyon. I consider it wonders of our world.