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Still Expression : Judbarra, NT – Trekking

Still Expression (Post#9) : Judbarra, NT – Trekking Even trekking sometimes difficult for me as I am not expert on such kind of physical activity but its the activity that I love to do as it always makes me feel that I am living the world because of the nature that I experience and passed on. Trekking brings back all

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Tips in Trekking Mount Pinatubo

I am not expert adviser when it comes to  climbing or hiking mountain since I am a seasonal hiker. But the following tips that I listed below are the things that I wanted to share if anyone wanted to climb Mount Pinatubo. The list are not comprehensive but I hope it helps even in a small way. My adventure in

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Precious Moment In The Mountain: Tarak Ridge

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#1): Tarak Ridge The photo above was captured while at the summit of Tarak Ridge. I joined my mountaineering group for Tarak Ridge climb last October 2010. Tarak Ridge is one of the peak of Mount Mariveles which located in Mariveles Bataan, Philippines. I will not forget this mountain because the climb experienced I had

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