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Discovery : Fort Soledad

Discovery (Post#28) : Fort Soledad At the time of Spanish colonization, it is commonly learned that a fort was built for a reason to fortify the place. Like Fort Agueda, Fort Soledad (Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad), was built with a reason to fortify the Umatac Bay. Since the bay or Umatac itself became the station of ships that

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Panoramic View : Umatac Bay

Panoramic View (Post#31) : Umatac Bay Aside from being considered as Magellan’s Landing site, Umatac Bay was former station of the ships before crossing the Pacific Ocean which used by Galleon trade route between Acapulco and Manila during Spanish period. Most of the ships station here to replenish their boats before embarking towards the vast ocean. These photos are part of

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View At My Window : Magellan’s Landing

View At My Window (Post#29) : Magellan’s Landing Ferdinand Magellan is not a stranger to me since he is always included in the history subject related to the discovery of my country since Spanish Colonization time, which the same fate happened to Guam not really far from Philippines. When we visited another fort at the southern part of Guam, we

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