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Top 17 Places Visited in Taiwan (v 1.0)

Have you been in Taiwan? Do you have top list during your trip in the said country? Here are the top places that I visited during my first trip in Taiwan. What are yours? Top 1 – Taroko National Park During the first visit in Taiwan, my favorite place that I fall in love with is Taroko National Park. The mountains

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3 Days – Taiwan Experimental Travel Itinerary

The first time I traveled in Taiwan, my itinerary was not really planned. I called it as experimental travel because it’s the first country that I visited using a visa exempt policy. So, in nature, there is possibility that my entry will be denied if there is something wrong how I understand Taiwan’s policy regarding visa-exempt. But I was thankful

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Taipei (Day 1 – Part 2) [Bangka] Wanhua District

My next destination after a worthy walk in Ximending was Central part of Wanhua District where more historical sites are located such as Longshan Temple, Bopiliao Historical Block, Qingshan Temple and Taipei Jen Chi Hospital. Below are the continuation of my adventures as I travel in Taipei continues. While looking at the map, another temple caught my interest to see, and

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Discovery : Huaxi Street Night Market (Snake Alley) – Taiwan’s First Tourist Night Market

Discovery (Post#22) : Huaxi Street Night Market (Snake Alley) – Taiwan’s First Tourist Night Market Huaxi Street Night Market is one of the 3 night markets that lights-up Bangka and make it a culinary paradise. It said to serve delicacies including snake blood and meat, turtle blood and meat and deer penis wine, which are not normally found anywhere else. These photos

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Taipei (Day 1 – Part 1) [Bangka] Wanhua District

My travel to Taiwan is the first experimental travel that I did because, it’s the first time that I traveled in a country that I will be using a visa exemption policy. Usually, I only traveled in a country with visa or visa-free. I just followed the instructions that I found in Taiwan’s website regarding the visa exemption where I

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Featuring Our World : Ximending – First Pedestrian Area in Taipei and Largest in Taiwan

Featuring Our World (Post#5) : Ximending The first place that I explored when I arrived in Taipei was Ximending because it is walk-able from the accommodation that I stayed in the city and to immerse myself immediately that I was in Taiwan as market is one of the signature tourism of the country. At first, I was not really sure

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