Australian War Memorial

One thing that I like about Australia is having a similar building or structure if not in all cities but on its major cities, so tourist can see and visit the place to appreciate and to enjoy wherever you are in the country. I remembered the same concept also exist in Canada,  they have structures that can be found in some cities as well. A good example is Telus World of Science, a museum where I visited one in Edmonton and saw from a distance in Vancouver. Another example is Provincial Legislature Building exist in Alberta and British Columbia, and in other provinces of Canada.

Based on my observation while traveling around Australia, arcade building is one good example of a structure that can be found in major cities of the country. These arcades are historical buildings which showcases how grandeur the building was during earlier years and portrays its notable 19th century interior design that can make everyone feel to be back in old times. In relation to arcades, I perceived Queen Victoria Building as the mother of all historical arcades in Australia. I explained why in my previous post.

How about for the memorial structure that intended to honor and remember the Australian heroes that fought for the peace that Australian currently enjoying nowadays? In relation to this, I looked at Australian War Memorial as the father of all peace or remembrance structure in the country. During my stay in Australia I visited two(2) structures that significantly honors and remembers the heroes that served for the country’s peace. One was Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne and the one that I will be focusing in this post is The Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The group tour that I joined that day visited the structure after coming from Mount Ainslie Lookout.


Australian War Memorial – looks so far from Parliament House Rooftop


Australian War Memorial (with dome), just at the bottom of base of Mount Ainslie

The first time I saw the building for real was at the time I was at the rooftop of Parliament House in that same day I visited the memorial museum, the structure is noticeable even from a far distance. I got a clear visibility of it, while we were at Mount Ainslie Lookout where anyone get noticed that the building is a cross structure with a dome in the middle. And when we arrived at the building itself, I can sense immediately the solemn ambiance that surrounds the building. The external design of the building signifies how these heroes are important to Australian and I honestly admired them the way they honor and respect these people.




Australian War Memorial from Memorial Grounds

Due to limited time in the building since it was our last place in the day tour’s itinerary and near for closing time, I wasn’t able to see all of the parts of the memorial but I still tried my best to capture photos inside the building. Apology at some of the photos are not as clear, at the time of the trip, I used iPhone 4 and Panasonic digital camera.

Here are some of the photos that I was able to capture while visiting Australian War Memorial:


Mosquito – Wooden Wonder Aircraft


Cockpit Simulator – used to train pilots without experience in flying


Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter V-173 –  best know Japanese aircraft in World War II


Kittyhawk – aircraft named Polly after its regular pilot’s sweetheart, a mainstay of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) during World War II



Hawker Sea Fury – fighter bomber, one of the last propeller driven naval aircraft to see action



G for George – Avro Lancaster bomber, survived the disastrous raid in Nuremberg in 1944 and some toughest mission over Germany, France and Italy


Anti-aircarft searchlight projector – used to detects enemies aircraft



HMAS Sydney Gun – One of the eight six-inch guns which took part against SMS Emden


HMAS Sydney Stern – patrolled in North Sea in 1917 and present for the German surrender at Scapa in 1918


Ship’s Telegraph – engine telegraph from SMS Emden


Morshead in Africa – 3 ton truck, with caravan body, a mobile command post and  living quarters


MiG-15 bis – Soviet Union produced, with modern jet-fighter powered by British-designed engine



Mustang – used in Korean War as fighter and ground attack aircraft


LePkw Type 82 Kubelwagen



Chevrolet lorry and Breda anti-aircraft gun


“Kriegies” hut – Joe Kibling captured in Greece and called as Kriegies, this house up to 20 men


Anti-tank gun – gunner used near in Gemas and Bakri in 1942



1940 Studebaker Commander Sedan with gas producer

Below are other exhibits found in the memorial but I wasn’t able to identify its name

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Before we end the tour in the building, there was Last Post ceremony being held at Commemorative Area wherein the memorial bids farewell to the visitors with the ceremony with singing of the Australian National Anthem, followed by a sound of the piper. Some visitors put some flowers as tributes besides the Pool of Reflection, then a story of one of the names listed in the Honor Roll will be told, followed by Ode recitation and ended by sound of Last Post. A ceremony that I witnessed that shows recognition and respect to the heroes of Australians.









Last Post Ceremony



–RSL (Returned and Services League)


My country’s name found in Commemorative area which is allied of Australia specifically during Second World War



Before leaving the memorial, I saw from the main entrance of the structure the scenery towards Parliament House, old and current one.


Australian War Memorial – the last snapshots before leaving the memorial and before ending my day tour in Canberra.

Transportation : 1940 Studebaker Commander Sedan with gas producer

Transportation (Post#5) : 1940 Studebaker Commander Sedan with gas producer

During war, lots of products and commodities are being scarce, one of this product is petrol. Lots of vehicles forced to off the road due to this reason. Other vehicles turned to alternative fuel sources such as gas producer units. One of the sedan below has gas producer at its rear end. These photos are part of Canberra Day Tour June 2013 Collection.



Discovery : Mosquito – “Wooden Wonder Aircraft”

Discovery (Post#16) : Mosquito – “Wooden Wonder Aircraft”

Whether its memorial or museum, there is always something to learn and to discover. In all my souvenir photos that I captured inside Australian War Memorial, one of the things that interesting to learn about ‘Mosquito’. Mosquito is one of the aircraft used during World War II which very unique at that time. Why its unique? The aircraft is mostly made of plywood and balsa wood and it was extremely fast and could fly a long distance. Mosquito flew by RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) from 1942 to 1953. The photo is part of Canberra Day Tour June 2013 Collection.


Arts and Craft : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Arts and Craft (Post#3) : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Within the area of Shrine of Remembrance, there are lots of sculpture are displayed which depicts the bravery and brotherhood of soldiers at war. This sculpture at the top of the Cenotaph which stands at the forecourt captured my attention and admired it more when I discovered that the statuary shows six men in the uniforms of the three Australian services – Navy, Army, and Air Force carrying a bier on which lies the figure of the dead comrade draped with Australian National Flag. It symbolizes the debt of the living to the dead, the eternal bond between the fallen and those who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.




Chromatic Outlook : Australian War Memorial


Chromatic Outlook (Post#6): Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial to remember its military forces and other supporting forces who died for its country. I had a chance to visit this place last June 2013 when I visited Canberra which is the Australian Capital City (called as Australian Capital Territory).

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