Chromatic Outlook : ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance

Chromatic Outlook (Post#57) : ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance

Photos of the day are all about ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance which located in heritage listed ANZAC Square which can be found between Ann Street and Adelaide Street. If coming from Central Station and exited in Ann Street, ANZAC Square will greet just across the road. This was the third ANZAC related structure that I had seen so far while exploring Australia. And the similar fact that I learned about this war memorial and others from other major cities of Australia was that lot of Australian soldier fought and died during World War I. This specific town square was built to honor the Queenslander soldiers fought in the war. These photos are part of Brisbane Open House Event Tour last October 2013.



Notes : 
Photo : war memorial, ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance, Shrine of Remembrance (Brisbane)
Location : 285 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Directions / Transportation :
– Take any translink train and get off at Central Station. Exit at Ann Street, cross the road and walk straight to ANZAC
Official Website : ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance

Chromatic Outlook : Shrine of Remembrance


Chromatic Outlook (Post#16) : Shrine of Remembrance

I used to see this building on my back and forth travel from work and to the place where I live while I was in Melbourne. Coming from the city, this structure looks in the middle of St Kilda Road as it turned out that the road turns curve which is a good visual effect and become a charm in the area. Even this building is near and walkable from my place, I haven’t got a chance to see it immediately until I put some time to walk around Melbourne. Shrine of Remembrance was built to remember Victorian people who fought World War I and now it is shrine to all Australians who fought wars. After I visited Canberra, I just thought that it was like a branch of Australian Memorial as it showcase the bravery of people who for the peace we enjoy right now. Photo capture last July 2013.