5 Captivating Facts about Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 8

Well, it’s more than a month since the last time I published my last article here. Got been busy and in other things of my life and never got a chance to write my travel adventure recently. To start with since this is my first travel post for the year 2017, I would like to greet everyone a great new year where it’s very traditional to start a new. I know all of you guys out there has at least something to start off and same with me here, I hope all of us has a brand and blessed new year.

For this article, I had already drafted this last year, more than two months ago but I never got a chance to finished it immediately. This post still a continuation of my walking tour adventure in Melbourne which happened more than 3 years ago. I am writing this to remember all the places that I visited in one of the city that I lived for a time being before it will be gone to my memory either because of time passing or because of ageing, and without further ado, here it is.


One of the interesting and distinguishable structure to see along St Kilda Road not far from Melbourne CBD is Shrine of Remembrance.

Shrine of Remembrance is one of my interest to visit and explore while in Melbourne, not only because of its noticeable architectural design but because some history of Australia can be discovered inside the building. Even though I used to pass the building in my daily travel, I wasn’t able to visit it immediately until I decided to explore it one day in July 2013.


Shrine of Remembrance

During the time of my visit, some portion of the building are not accessible due to renovations happening for the preparation of ANZAC centennial anniversary.

Here are the following interesting facts to learn about Shrine of Remembrance at the time of my visit.

1. Built in 1928 to 1934

Its take a while before the construction has been started after the design competition of the building happened in 1922. There was even controversy happened regarding its design which resolved by General Sir John Monash. And one thing that interest me for its construction was the fund used to build the shrine where it came from donations from people and from government.

Historically, the shrine was objectively built to commemorate the Victorian volunteers fought in World War I (1914-1918). Learning this fact earns a respect to me for Victorian people in Australia because they really showed through this building how they gave high regards, values and respects to those people who served and died for war. At present time, the building also serves to honor the people in service for the country.

2. Gallery of Medals – Displaying 4000 Medals

I arrived in the building a bit earlier before the scheduled free tour that I joined in the afternoon that day. While waiting, I came across the part of the gallery that shows different medals, they call it Gallery of Medals or Wall of Medals. In the wall, it mentioned over 4000 replica service medals with different titles of the awards.


Section of the Gallery of Medals

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Different Titles of Medal Awards

3. Remembrance Day – November 11 at 11 AM

On the free tour that I joined, there is an important thing that I learned which was part of my curiosity that has been answered. Aside from ANZAC celebration which being done every year in the shrine, another important day is remembered in the shrine which they call it as Remembrance Day. The day is the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time of the Armistice which ended World War 1 in 1918, a very meaningful day in the history of world.

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Stone of Remembrance at the Sanctuary



Great Stepped Pyramidal Dome

Ray of Light from small aperture of the pyramid ceiling which falls directly at the Stone of Remembrance



Marble Ionic Columns

4. Inspired by Ancient Greek Mausoleum and Temple

By looking at the building structure and its design, anyone can immediately noticed that its somewhat ancient and unique. The reason behind it was because Shrine of Remembrance has been inspired by Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Parthenon in Athens where both are significant in world history of architecture.

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5. Designed by World War I Veterans and Architects

This point really amazes me. The architects of the building were Philip B. Hudson and James H. Wardrop from Melbourne who won in the competition happened in 1922 were actual veterans itself whom returned soldier from war. I can sense how these architects understands the rightful honor and respects to give to the people who served the country not only in war but even at home.

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The following facts above are not the only things to discover in the building, there are more to discover and I leave it to your curiosity to discover it. For people who enjoy history, I can recommend its one for you, so if you have a chance to see the Shrine of Remembrance while visiting Melbourne, it’s a worth to visit.

Below are the other things to enjoy while walking around Shrine of Remembrance.

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To the Balconies

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Ceremonial Avenue looking towards Melbourne City

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View from the Balconies (towards St Kilda and towards the city)


Pyramidal Dome


WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL (includes Forecourt, Cenotaph, Eternal Flame and flagpoles)






Eternal Flame





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1. Plan to visit Shrine of Remembrance ? – Please check latest information here
2. Free Guided Tour available – Please check Guided Tours
3. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details
4. Directions to Shrine of Remembrance (Melbourne) :
Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are 8 tram routes available (Route: 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72) and get off at Stop 19 – Shrine of Remembrance.
If you don’t have smart phone to download Apps, I recommend to go to Visitors Center at Federation Square and get one of the Yarra Tram brochure where you can find all tram routes in Melbourne.