Discovery : York Hotel (formerly known as Palace Hotel)

Discovery (Post#63) : York Hotel (formerly known as Palace Hotel)

Photo of the day is about York Hotel which previously known as Palace Hotel. This hotel was built by a former farmer named Matthew Ryan. And at that time, the hotel was considered luxurious because of its tiles, fitting and furnishings. But such splendid hotel did not come in cheap. Mr. Ryan had financial difficulties which resulted him to mortgage to a pastoral company. In the end, the hotel was sold but Mr. Ryan still stayed in the hotel and did not want to leave the property even threatened the new owner of the hotel. They heard at that time that Mr. Ryan will blow-up the hotel if he was forced to leave the premises. Then he got arrested and found evidence of this plans to blow-up the hotel. Mr. Ryan went into trial but his claim and explanation was changed which made him found not guilty. The name of the hotel changed to York Hotel after it was bought by Swan Brewery in 1937. Some parts of hotel has already been changed since its renovations in 1990s with the new owner named Mr. John Hay. The photo is part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : heritage building, York Hotel, old Palace Hotel (York)
Location : 145 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Take bus from Transwa Bay East Perth to Esperance or Albany and get off at Joaquina St in York Town
3. Take train from Perth Station to Midland Station, then exchange train from Midland Station to Joaquina St Station in  York.
Official Website : York Palace Hotel