Dotonbori (Dotombori) – Osaka’s Famous Historical Entertainment District

Walking and cruising Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

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Featuring Our World : Tombori River Walk

Featuring Our World (Post#23) : Tombori River Walk Photos of the day are all about Tombori River Walk. In every part of the city that I visited, there is a common place where it’s always charming and where people love to go. Whether the river is natural or man-made, a tourist spot located beside the river (whether its shopping or

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5 Reasons Why Rottnest Island Is Your Next Perfect Holiday Destination?

Are you wondering if its worth to visit Rottnest Island as your next holiday vacation? My visit in the island was considered a once in a lifetime, because the world is so big, and it’s really hard to say if I will get a chance for a second time. My tour in Rottnest was one of the awesome holidays that

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