Natural Wonders : Heping Island Rock Formations

Natural Wonders (Post#9) : Heping Island Rock Formations

Photos of the day are all about unique rock formations found in Heping Island. Though, I haven’t seen all amazing and wonderful rocks in the island and just few of it, it was really surprising to see the natural wonders we have in our world. The island offers rarest rock formations and if the visitor will have wild imaginations, will be impressed and may shock how in the world it was formed. These photos are part of Keelung City Tour last August 2017.

More than 25 million years ago, the island of Peace Island was surrounded by an infinite ocean. The terrain on the island was affected by long-term weathering and waves, thus forming strange stones such as scorpion stones, tofu rocks, sea caves and sea erosion platforms. The geological landscape is like a masterpiece carved by the same day.




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Notes :
Photo : Heping Island Park Rocks, rock formations
Location : 360, Pingyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
Directions / Transportation :
a. From Taipei Main Station, take TRA train to Keelung Station. TRA Train website here.
b. From Keelung Station, go to Visitor Centre where the tourist shuttle bus waits. Keelung Shuttle Bus website here.
c. Choose which Zone option you wanted to visit and enjoy.
d. Please visit the access link to the island park here.
Website : Heping (Peace) Island