Travel Tips

Some helpful tips while visiting specific city, region, state, province or even country. Use these post only as reference for planning, but every individual has its own preference, I will be happy that the post can help even in small ways.


Canberra, Australia
Top 4 Places Visited in Canberra

Melbourne, Australia
3 Best Time of the Year to Visit Melbourne For Less

5 Captivating Facts about Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 8

Northern Territory, Australia


NT MixTop Destinations and Attractions – Northern Territory Traveler’s Panorama Guide

P107096325 Reasons Why You Must Visit Northern Territory

DSC04939Top 5 National Parks of Northern Territory Visited

Litchfield National Park, NT, AustraliaIMG_7427_s5 Reasons You Want to Visit Litchfield National Park

Sydney, Australia
Top 12 Areas Visited In Sydney

Tasmania, Australia
Top 12 Places Visited in Tasmania

Margaret River (Region), Western Australia, AustraliaIMG_9301_s
8 Places To Explore in Margaret River (Western Australia)

Rottnest Island, Western Australia, Australia

img_0509_s5 Reasons Why Rottnest Island Is Your Next Perfect Holiday Destination?

img_0306_s14 Amazing Bays, Beaches & Pool to Enjoy in Rottnest

img_0252_s4 Most Favorite Places in Rottnest


Top 9 Discoveries While in Guam

7 Best Lookout (Viewpoint) in Guam

IMG_3554_sTop 12 Places Visited in Guam


IMG_1274_sTips in Trekking Mount Pinatubo


Top 17 Places Visited in Taiwan (v 1.0)

United States of America

Atlanta, USA
Visiting and Exploring World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta? What can you Expect?

IMG_6484_s5 Reasons to Visit Georgia Aquarium

IMG_5983_sSix (6) Atlanta City Walks

20151114_183728719_iosTop 9 Places Visited in Atlanta


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