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Guam is a United States Territory in Micronesia. An island they called where America Days Begin because the day actually starts here before US states starts its day. This island shares some of its major history similar in my country because of its geographical location in the pacific and not far from Philippines. The island was colonized by Spain and discovered by Magellan, a same fate of my country. After Spain, USA colonized the island, same thing happened in my country. The difference of its destiny compared in my country, the island is now part of US Territory which did not happen in my country and currently using US dollar as their currency.

–DBA Mountaineer

Guam 1_s

Top Destinations and Attractions in Guam


1. Asan-Maina

War in the Pacific National Historical Park

Asan Beach Park

Asan Point, Asan Beach Park and
Nimitz Hillside

Asan Bay Overlook at Nimitz Hill

2. Hagatna – The Capital of Guam

Plaza de España

Insular Guard Monument


Guam Museum

Skinner Plaza

Agana Shopping

Chamorro Village Night Market

Agana Bay

Stone Latte Park

Senator Angel Leon Guerrero Santos
Latte Stone Memorial Park

Japanese Caves Latte Park

Fort Santa Agueda

Ricardo J. Bordallo Complex

Latte of Freedom

3. Piti

Fish Eye Marine Park

Tepungan Beach

Sasa Bay

Cabras Island

4. Tamuning

Two Lover’s Point (Puntan Dos Amantes)

4.1 Tumon

4.1.1 Tumon Bay Beaches – Public

YPao Beach

Matapang Beach
4.1.2 Tumon Bay Beaches – Private

Hilton Resort Guam & Spa

Pacific Islands Club Guam

Pacific Star Resort & Spa

Fiesta Resort Guam
4.1.3 Tumon Area

Pale San Vitores Road

Tumon Sands Plaza

Castaways Tiki Bar & Island Grill

Park Arcade

Hyatt and Sandcastle

The Plaza Shopping Center and
Underwater World

T Galleria By DFS and The Plaza

JP Superstore

ABCs Store

5. Umatac

Fort Soledad

Umatac Bay

Magellan’s Landing

6. Yigo

Guam International Raceway

6.1 Pagat

Pagat Latte Site

Pagat Cave

Pagat Point

Pagat Arch

7. Yona

Tarzan Falls

Ylig River

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Guam Tourism – Official Website




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