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Traveling in different parts of the world is one of my dreams that I am trying to achieve. And I hope, I will be able to continue adventuring around the world as much as I can before time comes that I do not have capacity to do it.




Cambodia was the second country that we visited via the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. When I visited this country there are beautiful and amazing discoveries but along with it there were hurtful learnings that I will not forget in the said country.  We arrived here last March 2011 and we did not missed to visit its famous Ankor Wat, one of the signature symbol of their tourism. To see the related posts published here to find out the place we had been, please visit CAMBODIA.



I haven’t visited the mainland China, the regions that I was able to visit together with some of my family were Hong Kong and Macau. These two regions are actually called SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China as these two have their own administrative government and backup with their own currency. We  visited these two regions last January 2012 during the Chinese New Year season. To explore the places that we had visited, please visit CHINA.



When I visited Japan with my family, to be honest I fell in love how wonderful this country is. Because of the best provided mass transportation such as Bullet Trains where anyon can be anywhere in Japan in fastest way which really helpful to see many places in short period of time. First visit was September 2015 and the recent visit made last May 2017. The country usually called as “Land of the Rising Sun”. To check places that we explored in this country, please visit JAPAN.



The first time that I arrived in Malaysia was last 2008 during the group’s climb in Mount Kinabalu – the Highest Mountain in South East Asia. Then, last 2012, we explored some places of the country in the mainland island. My sister and I enjoyed this trip where we even got lucky to see its government city for free. For more information of the itinerary that we had, please visit MALAYSIA.



The first country that I visited was Singapore. I visited it many times but unfortunately I was trying hard to check if I have photos of every year that I visited it. I lived here for almost a year when I worked here to try the life working abroad for the first time. The first time I came in Singapore was last 2005 when I received a week work assignment in one of third-party vendor of the company that I was working before. During the visit, I was amazed to see a different kind of world compared to the world that I was used to. To see the places that I visited in this country please visit SINGAPORE.



At first I was curious in South Korea because of its history. I fell in love with most of their historical dramas because of how they carefully included even small details of customs and gestures to portray their country’s culture. That’s why during our visit in the country, the theme became like historical tour with a twist of theme parks. I plan to come back in this country to experience the beauty of remote sites which usually showcases their mountains and national parks. My family and I visited this country last June 2014. To see know more about our itinerary in this country, please visit SOUTH KOREA.



I had visited Taiwan twice last 2017. And during the visit, there are fascinating places that I discovered that I enjoyed my solo exploration in this island country as they have this speed train that made my holiday mobility with ease. And during the exploration, I witness how this country are trying their best to boost their economy. My first visit in the country happened last January then followed with the second trip last August. To know more about my journey in this country, please visit TAIWAN.



I remembered Thailand with fascinating temples and their Buddhas. They have lots of unique structures that significantly shows the majority religion of the country which is Buddhism. Most of the temple designs shows grandeur of the building itself. And with that I recognized this country with high regards in their religion. Thailand was the last country we visited during the backpacking adventure together with my group in mountaineering happened last March 2011. To see places we explored, visit THAILAND.



United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the first Middle East country that I had visited. And I was amazed when I saw Dubai City and Abu Dhabi, both developed metropolitan located in a desert. I got a chance to enjoy one of their desert through safari adventure which first hand experience too. I visited UAE last August 2014 as I was sent for technical training and again I grabbed opportunities to see this part of the world. To see places that I was able to visit in the country, please visit UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.



When there was opportunity to backpack some of the countries in South East Asia together with my mountaineering group, I did not hesitate to join. The backpacking happened last March 2011 and our port of entry is Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  I was amazed how motorbike overpowered four-wheel vehicle in this country.  To see the places that we got a chance to explore, visit VIETNAM.



Remembering Banff - Part 1

The country that inspired me to see the world and to love climbing mountains. The country that opened my eyes that paradise can be real. Because my visa here was just single entry, while I was inside this huge country in the northern part of North America and commonly called as Maple Country, I grabbed all my opportunity to see it as much as I can. I arrived in Vancouver last April 2008 as my port of entry to reached Edmonton and stayed there for almost 2 months due to work assignment. Edmonton was the city that I met a lot of awesome people at work even its very diverse on its culture. To see the places that I had a chance to explore, visit CANADA.



The country that I dream to explore someday because of its beautiful national parks. The first city I had a chance to see was Atlanta in Georgia State and in the said city I learned one of the significant histories that happened in the country. United States of America is usually called as “Land of the Free”. It was October 2015 when I first arrived in Los Angeles as my port of entry before reaching Atlanta. To see places that I visited in Atlanta, please visit UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.




A continent country in Southern Hemisphere that embraced European culture but still able to keep its aboriginal roots. I had a great time living here for more than a year that gave me a chance to explore lot of places in the country usually called “the land Down Under”. I first arrived here in February 2013 and my last visit was October 2016. To learn more about this country and great places here, please visit AUSTRALIA.




Guam is a territory under the USA Government. And I got a chance see it last April 2017 and had explored the country for 6 days.  The island usually called “Where America’s  Days Begin”, to find out why and to see interesting places in the largest island territory of USA in Micronesia, please visit GUAM.

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