Chromatic Outlook : First World Hotel


Chromatic Outlook (Post#19) : First World Hotel

When we visited Genting Highlands in Malaysia, we found a theme park at the top of the mountain. When we set to go to the place, I never expected that too many people were so incline to visit the place.  First World Hotel is just one of the hotel to be found in Genting. At first, I thought that this hotel is the same as other hotels which a common hotel near in casino until I checked if there something unique on this building. First World Hotel is the third largest hotel in the world in terms of number of rooms, knowing that information is quite interesting. Photo captured last December 2012.

First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, we tried cable car going up for experience but I was really surprised too many people patiently waited in the queue for the cable car. Never experienced that huge amount of people just for the ride. Maybe it was peak season when we visited Genting.

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