Interior : Melbourne Town Hall – Main Hall

Interior (Post#7) : Melbourne Town Hall – Main Hall

I can probably say that the Main Hall or auditorium of Melbourne Town Hall is the grandest and most impressive room of all. It is the largest room which can handle at least 2000 people for an event. This hall is also hosting the historical and largest pipe in southern hemisphere. I admired this room not only because of the pipe organ which is the jewel of the room and the town hall itself, but because of the grandeur of the interior of the hall. I felt that the design of the room is already a proof of its more than a century history. By just looking on its eye-catching decorated ceilings and magnificent chandeliers, anyone will be amazed. And when I moved to another seat just to see the whole balcony and the walls with drawing designs, all of it depicts how grand the room is. These photos are part of Melbourne Town Hall Photo Collection 2013.


Pipe Organ (Largest in Southern Hemisphere)




Ceilings, Chandeliers and Stencil Walls






Stencil Walls




90-130 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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