Discovery : Pearls

Discovery (Post#55) : Pearls

Photos of the day are all about Pearls. One of the stop we had while in Broome was a store of pearl called Cygnet Bay Pearls. It may sound like marketing strategy of the store to be part of Sightseeing Tour, but the store itself is the famous and has the Australia’s oldest operating pearl farm. The store gave me an opportunity to see genuine cultured pearls. And while at the store, I had a chance to listened for a presentation about pearls. In the said presentation, I had a chance to see different pearls while the presenter was talking about the different characteristics of pearls and how a pearl has more value than the other. These photos are part of Broome Sightseeing Tour October 2016.




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Notes :
Photo : Cultured Pearl
Location : 2/23 Dampier Terrace, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome TransitBroome Cycles, Broome Broome
Official Website : Cygnet Bay Pearls

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