Name Of The Place : Brisbane Arcade And Shocking History of Founders’ Family

Name Of The Place (Post#62) : Brisbane Arcade And Shocking History of Founders Family

Photos of the day are all about the name of Brisbane Arcade which built in 1923. The building is now part of Queensland heritage asset. Even I had seen four arcade shopping  centers across Australia, but I can still see uniqueness of the arcade from the other traditional shopping arcade as it reflects the style in Europe arcades during late 18th century. And while checking more information about Brisbane Arcade, I had learned in the process from their official website the shocking story behind the father of the founder of the arcade. These photos are part of Brisbane Open House Event Tour last October 2013.

Brisbane Arcade was established by Dr James Mayne and his sister Mary Emelia Mayne. Their father named Patrick Mayne sets up his family home and butcher shop in Queen Street where the arcade standing today in 1849. And before Patrick died, in 1865, he confessed that he murdered and robbed timber cutter Robert Cox in 1848. This confession shunned the Mayne family and none of his children marries or has children.

The Mayne siblings became great benefactors to the University of Queensland. He gave the university the land for their St Lucia campus. Brisbane Arcade was also established in a Trust and proceeds from the Trust still benefit the University of Queensland Medical School and medical research.





Notes : 
Photo : Brisbane Arcade, traditional shopping arcade
Location : 160 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Directions / Transportation :
1. Take any translink train and get off at Central Station. Exit at Ann Street
a. Turn right along Ann Street, next turn left at Albert Street, then turn left at Adelaide Street or
b. Turn left along Ann Street, next turn right at Edward Street, then turn right at Adelaide Street
Official Website : Brisbane Arcade

160 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

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