Theme : Classic Car – 1923 Chenard et Walcker 3L Roadster


Theme (Post#2) : Classic Car – 1923 Chenard et Walcker 3L Roadster

I am not really a car enthusiast since I never know how to drive, but when it comes to classic cars I have this great curiosity what they really look like since I was born at the time where these classic vehicles are now seldom to see in the road and if I will see it, it is definitely a great luck. As per the information near the vintage car, the name of the car was came from a railway engineer and maker of bicycles with a factory in Asnieres-sur-Seine named Ernest Chenard whom joined with mining engineer Henri Walcker in 1898 to make motor vehicles. They formally founded Chenard, Walcker Compagnie in 1900 with Chenard in charge of design and Walcker sales and finance. Photo captured during Motorclassica event at Royal Exhibition Building held last October 2013.