View At My Window : QUT – The Cube

View At My Window (Post#22) : QUT – The Cube

When I visited Brisbane, I made it interesting as I always heard that the city is a boring city and not much interesting like Sydney and Melbourne.  I planned my visit during Open House Brisbane event where I can enjoy not only its surroundings but some of the houses, offices or buildings listed as open to public at that time. One of the buildings that I got a chance to see was Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I honestly enjoyed the tour because there is designated places to explore inside the university. When I reached the building, I got an earphone and small brochures where there is QR Code available in the prints that I can listen into while exploring some parts of the university. And one of the interesting to discover inside is its large digital screen where its heights reach up to the second floor of the building and they call it as “The Cube” – one of the world’s largest interactive digital display systems. The photo captured last October 2013.