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Like I promised from previous post.  Here’s the detailed Kuala Lumpur adventures we had for three (3) days. This is the continuation of my previous post entitled “A Not So Well Planned Adventure in Malaysia“.

Day 1 (December 25, 2012)

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 12:30 AM of December 25, 2012, since my airline was budget airline, we landed in budgeted airport (Singapore has one, Malaysia has one too), they call it LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Like what I mentioned in my previous post entitled “A Not So Well Planned Adventure in Malaysia“, this travel was not really planned, its like an out of the blue travel engagement. But even that was the case, I still tried my best to get some basic information about public transportation and important tips while going around Malaysia.

I tried to check how we were able to go to hotel without taking a cab, since I learned from my searches in internet to beware in getting cab or taxi in Malaysia, because most of the driver waiting in queue asking for at least twice, trice or more for the taxi fare. Most of the traveler that I read, advised to book a cab instead of taking a taxi that are waiting in line. I made an advance booking for the cab that will take us to hotel from KL Sentral. Before, I thought that KL Sentral was a place they call like city center but in the end, I understand what does it mean. From LCCT, we took the Skybus (AirAsia) going to KL Sentral, which cost us 9 RM per person. The travel time from airport terminal to KL Sentral was at least an hour. There are other bus, going to other places in KL, but I chose to go to KL Sentral since the hotel we booked is in KL and probably just nearby from that station.

We arrived at KL Sentral terminal around 2:15 AM, because of that I called again the taxi booking I made to request for an earlier pick-up but due to some issues that we can’t see the cab and the driver can’t see us, we were able to met around 3:AM which was my original requested pick-up time. From KL Sentral to our hotel, it cost us around 13 RM (this already includes 50% charged after 12AM time). Around 3:30 AM, we were able to checked-in at Valenza Hotel and Cafe. That’s the only time we were able to rest, I was glad that we booked the hotel for that night, I anticipated that it will happened like that, and I preferred to be in the hotel, instead of being outside specially in a stranger places that still unknown to me.

We stayed in the hotel until morning, had breakfast and went out for our Day 1 tour in KL. Since its December 25 (Christmas Day), we don’t have specific plan yet, first our plan was to visit Malaysia’s tourist centre but we learned from the cab driver that we picked-up who is fortunately a tourist ambassador that it was closed during holiday. Because of that, we decided to go to shopping malls. And the driver led us to Suria  KLCC mall which just at the ground of Petronas Twin Tower.

We found inside the Suria KLCC a lot of signature stores that can probably seen in famous cities like New York, Paris and Tokyo. We walked around the malls, at least went-up to 3rd floors. By the way I see what kind of stores that I found in the mall, I have expectations that other floors have the same features. I am not shopaholic and I am not so much in love in clothing branded products.

After walking around inside the mall, we went outside to find out more. Until my sister and I decided to take pictures with Petronas Twin Towers in broad daylight of the afternoon. Outside Petronas Towers, we saw a lot of tourist like us, and observed that taking pictures of the towers will never end.


Petronas Twin Tower



Arts Display at the Entrance of Petronas Twin Tower


Billboard near at Petronas Twin Tower

Then, we went to one of the shopping district of KL which is Bukit Bintang, where shopping areas can be found such as Starhill Gallery and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. We took LRT train in KLCC station, where we bought our Rapid cards that can be both used in LRT and Monoreil (Monorail) lines. From KLCC station, we went out in Dang Wang station, walk for few minutes to move to Bukit Nanas station, then went out again in Bukit Bintang station. We were kind of surprised in traffic rules in KL, when we are trying to cross the road going to Pavilion, people are just crossing the road even it’s not yet time for crossing, its kind of scary but most people does it, we actually did the same thing,  there were lots of people at that time probably due to holiday as well in Malaysia. We spent time inside the Pavilion mall. After walking around for hours and we felt that it’s a tiring day, we decided to go straight to the hotel.




Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

In conclusion, Day 1 seems like Shopping Place Tour, aside from Petronas Twin Towers, most of the place we visited are malls and market place.

Day 2 (December 26, 2012)

Similar from Day 1, we had our breakfast at hotel, then left the hotel before lunch time. This time we pushed to come to the Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC) located in Jalam Ampang. We started from Petronas Twin Tower, we walked around to find the tourist center.  We walked like 15 to 20 minutes until we find what we were looking for. At the center, we got a lot of brochures that will helped us to plan our tour in Malaysia for the next coming days. We got the information of the KL City Tour through hop-on hop-off bus, but instead of taking the said tour, we followed the trail mentioned in the brochures. Then from MATIC, we went to see the Kuala Lumpur Tower, as you can see, we just walked around, we never took a cab nor a bus and other transportation, we pretty much still excited what we can see while walking around KL.


MATIC (Malaysia Torurism Center)



Kuala Lumpur Tower


Cultural Village at KL Tower


Aquarium at KL Tower


KL Tower ground


KL Tower Animal Zone

At the entrance gate of KL Tower, there is a free shuttle going up to the Tower itself, just wait to the shuttle service that will pick-up and drop-off tourist from gate to the tower. We spent time taking pictures at the lobby of the tower, we never went up to the viewing deck as our decision because we were still thinking where to spend out time  for New Year’s Eve.




KL City Walk

After KL Tower, we walked around P. Ramlee street until we found the KL City Walk. Here we found a walk way with a lot of tiny shopping store and restaurants. When we passed it in the afternoon, some stores are still closed which means that the place seems alive during night-time. After we were done a little shopping from open store in KL City Walk, we decided to continue walking and just followed the pathway until it led us in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), one of the building with unique design around KLCC Park. Then we found ourselves queuing at the entrance of Aquaria KLCC, it’s like an ocean park where you will see lots of underwater creatures.





Pathway leading to KLCC Building













Some photos from Aquaria KLCC

We enjoyed the Aquaria KLCC because we discovered other underwater species that we haven’t found in other ocean park that we had visited. After Aquaria KLCC, we went out in KLCC Park until we reached again the Suria KLCC mall. But since we were already tired for the day, my sister and I decided to wrap up the adventure because we need to prepare for the next day adventure.


KLCC Building


Petronas Twin Tower from KLCC




Suria KLCC Surroundings

Day 3 (December 27, 2012)

During our travel around Kuala Lumpur or should I say during our travel in Malaysia, we used to start the journey from KL Sentral. This is the central station in Kuala Lumpur of most public transportation which includes trains, monorail, inter city buses and taxis. KL Sentral recently excluded the bus terminal traveling  outside KL by separating its terminal from the said station.

Anyway, let’s get back to the third day of adventure in KL. From our hotel, we rode a bus to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral, since my sister and I were both adventurous, we decided to walk to Jalan Damansara (National Museum) which actually near in KL Sentral but due to a lots of constructions going on around the place, we had some difficulty to find the best path that will lead us to the museum, but in the end, we overcome it and were able to arrived to the building. In National Museum, we discovered the history of Malaysia by seeing different historical artifacts and exhibits displayed inside the museum. And like my own country, there are some aspects of similarity of history specially the prehistoric part before the colonization period.






National Museum (Jalan Damansara)













Photos (Inside of Museum)



After visiting Jalan Damansara, we went to the new Istana Negara (National Palace) in Jalan Duta. At first we thought that Istana Negara is just one palace. When we took the cab going to that place, we realized that there were two structures called Istana Negara. Old one were located in Jalan Istana and new one in Jalan Duta, and the cab driver asked us where to go, we just mentioned the new one. Istana Negara is the official residence of Malaysian King and because of that we ended at the gate of the palace, we only had a glimpse of surrounding of the palace, but still the external structure of the palace still amazing.









small_DSC03938Photos of New Istana Negara from one of the gate of the palace

We took the same cab we used to Istana Negara to go back to the city center where other tourist spot in KL located. First, we dropped off at Jalan Raja where Sultan Abdul Samad Building can be found. We passed by the Dataran Merdeka or Merdeka Square since there were some renovations or constructions going on around the place. Then we visited Kuala Lumpur City Gallery beside Merdaka Square. Here we found the huge ILoveKL sign.
















From City Gallery, we went to Masjid Negara or National Mosque. Here we experienced to wear the Muslim women veil and prayer outfit clothing before we were able to enter the building. Inside the mosque, we were able to see the main hall prayer. One of the Muslim approached us while looking inside the hall and she gave some orientation about Islam in brief and concise way. I really appreciated the information she gave us and it will be an awareness on my part. After Masjid Negara, we visited one more place called KL Railway Station just walking distance from National Mosque. This station combines unique structure of dome and arches.














Photos (Inside and Outside National Mosque)


small_P1060231 small_P1060229

small_P1060227Photos (KL Railway Station)

Well that’s our Kuala Lumpur adventure which took us three days.  It took days since most of our activities are walking around KL. It’s really experiencing the place. See you again in my next post detailing other adventure in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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