Arts and Craft : “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang

Arts and Craft (Post#7) : “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang

One of the things that I enjoyed while walking around the place is discovering a public art. At the ground of Taipei 101 tower, I found few public art display near the entrance of Taipei 101 Mall. One of them is entitled “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang. Below is the description that I found about the art and it is an amazing creation of art through recycled materials. The photo is part of Taiwan Experimental Travel Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.

The tightly coiled lines of 「Infinite Life」trace out the image of life in its original form, a steel embryo reborn from the towering structure from which it came. As a reflection on the circle of life, using retired cable from the TAIPEI 101 Observatory high-speed elevator to create beauty from otherwise discarded material, the sculpture stands as testimony to TAIPEI 101’s philosophy of environmental protection.


No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

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