Life Of Others : Broome Town Beach & Cable Beach – Silver Gull

Life Of Others (Post#19) : Broome Town Beach & Cable Beach – Silver Gull

Photos of the day are all about Silver Gull. It was captured during the walk at Broome Town Beach located within the stretch of Roebuck Bay not far from Oaks Broome where I stayed while I was in town. And I found a lot of them when I did a walk in Cable Beach, the famous beach in Broome facing Indian Ocean. This gull is said to be the most common gull seen in Australia specially in coastal areas. From what I discovered, it’s a juvenile silver gull if it has black beak and old silver gull if it has orange or red beak. What I really enjoyed about these silver gulls in my memory was the chance to delightfully watch them while in Cable Beach, even though a lot of people in the beach for sunset, I observed the moment seeing these birds enjoying with people without the feeling of being threatened. There is warning about these birds too as they likely may savage your food so be careful with them.  These photos are part of 2 Days Broome and Surround Tour October 2016.



Juvenile Silver Gull



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Old Silver Gull

Notes :
Photo : Animal, Seabird
Location : Broome Town Beach and Cable Beach, Broome, WA, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome Cycles, Car HireBroome Taxis
Website : Broome Bird Observatory


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