Featuring Our World : Willie Creek

Featuring Our World (Post#19) : Willie Creek

Photos of the day are all about Willie Creek. Willie Creek is where culturing pearl is happening. The Pinctada Maxima Oyster are transported in the creek as the site provides pristine water off the coast. The said oyster thrive in a nutrient rich waters. The Oyster are suspended in panels and put back several meters under the water. Then, these oysters are cleaned from marine organisms and being x-rayed to make sure the pearl development. During the visit, we had experience a lecture in the boat about the life of pearl shells while exploring the Willie Creek which even myself fell in love with the place and I thought that Pinctada Maxima Oysters has beautiful home for a limited time in the said place. These photos are part of Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour October 2016.








Notes :
Photo : Willie Creek, Creek, Pearl Farm
Location : Willie Creek Rd, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour
Official Website : Willie Creek Pearl Farm

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