4 Most Favorite Places in Rottnest

If I will look into the places that I saw, reached, visited within Rottnest Island, I can say, I have favorites. And it fall into group based on its similarities, to be able to identify which place is the most beautiful for me, which is historic based on experience or which place left something that I will remember if not forever but for a very long time. The list of favorite can be subjective based on my preferences. And for others whom visited the island may or may not agree with me. If you wanted to see post about Rottnest, please visit here.

1. Favorite Historical or Heritage Place – Oliver Hill

Historical places that I had a chance to visit in Rottnest are : Oliver Hill, Wadjemup Lighthouse and Thomson Bay Settlement area. There is one historical place in the island that I never had a chance to see and that is Kingstown Barracks.


Oliver Hill has 9.2 inch battery where I had a chance for gun and tunnel tour. It is my favorite because though this related to World War II, but its purpose when it was built was for defense. Unlike Thomson Bay Settlement, it honestly breaks my heart, as for me it represents history of real sufferings, as the aboriginals or first nations that lived even before Europeans arrived, became strangers on their own land.

2. Favorite Viewpoint or Lookout – Parker Point

I think this may be the most challenging thing to think of. Why? Because Rottnest is an island and because it has so many viewpoints or lookout, majority if not all, gives panoramic scenery of beaches, bay and seas. And it is so hard to choose which one is the best. I can honestly say that I love all of it. But in the end, I chose Parker Point.


When I had a chance to see Parker Point where its Purpoise Bay shown its different colours of the bay made me felt that it was so perfect and felt like I was seeing a paradise again.

The following viewpoint or lookout that offers amazing scenery are : Henrietta Rocks, Jeannies Lookout, Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Wadjemup Hill and Oliver Hill

3. Favorite Bay or Beaches – Little Salmon Bay

Since I was not able to swim in the island, I can only based my preference on the surface of the bay or the beach. Because I prefer to swim on clear water even in beaches, the best candidates are either Parker Point or Little Salmon Bay. Then, in the end I decided to choose Little Salmon Bay.


Other bays or beaches to appreciate in Rottnest are : Thomson Bay, Parker Point in Purpoise Bay, Little Salmon Bay,  Salmon Bay, Rocky Bay, Stark Bay, Ricey Beach, Catherine Bay Beach and Geordie Bay.

4. Miscellaneous Favorite – Rottnest Wind Turbine

For no category place favorite, I can say that I like Rottnest Wind Turbine its surroundings looks picturesque. Other places to see and explore while in the island are : Eastern Osprey Nest, Fish Hook Bay (Cape Vlamingh), Lake Vincent, Lake Baghdad and Government House Lake.


Now that I listed my favorites in Rottnest, what are yours?

Until then.

Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia

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