Chromatic Outlook : Story Bridge

Chromatic Outlook (Post#56) : Story Bridge

Photos of the day are all about Story Bridge which an iconic bridge in Brisbane that crosses Brisbane River. This bridge is heritage-listed and holds the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. It was built in 1940 and creates years of employment in the city during Great Depression. Its name was came from John Douglas Story, a prominent and influential public servant whom advocated the construction of the bridge. These photos are part of Brisbane Open House Event Tour last October 2013.



Notes : 
Photo : Bridge, Story Bridge, Cantilever Bridge, Longest Cantilever Bridge in Australia.
Location : State Route 15, New Farm QLD 4169, Australia
Directions / Transportation (Seen from Eagle Street Pier, Riverside Ferry Terminal and Waterfront Place) :
1. Take any translink train and get off at Central Station. Exit at Ann Street, then turn left, then turn right at Creek Street and walk up to its ends, then continue walking to Eagle Street.
2. Choose which place to view the Story Bridge : Eagle Street Pier, Riverside Ferry Terminal or Waterfront Place.
Official Website : Story Bridge

Story Bridge, State Route 15, New Farm QLD 4169, Australia

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