Shaping Sound at The Fabulous Fox

Honestly I am eager in exploring USA. Though the first city that I had visited in the country was not famous as New York, Chicago or even Los Angeles, but I have this attitude to explore the place wherever I am whether its popular or not, I believe there is always something to learn or discover in every place and its my adventure to find it.

Since I was in Atlanta, I tried to see the city as much as I can even the first week’s weather of my stay in the metropolis was bad due to rain. My last Tuesday in Atlanta, I was lucky to reserve a ticket for one night show of Shaping Sound dance musical show. I have two goals when I booked the Broadway dance show, first was to see what’s inside the Fox Theatre in Atlanta which they call “The Fabulous Fox” and second was to enjoy my night with entertainment. When I booked the show, I was not familiar with the dance group performer until I learned about them recently and did not realized that they are the famous dancing group in America.

My preference in watching a Broadway like shows are more on musical or classical shows. At first I was hesitant to book the Shaping Sound show but after sometime of contemplating I finally decided to watch it. I signed up on Fox Theatre Atlanta website and bought the ticket online. On the day of the show, I came earlier on its schedule as I have to find where the theater is located. From my hotel accommodation near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, I took shuttle to reached MARTA Airport Station. I took metro train and got off at North Avenue Station then exited at 3rd St NE. I walked towards Peachtree St NE and turned right towards Fox Theatre.



At Peachtree St NE, walking towards Atlanta Fox Theatre

Fabulous Fox

Atlanta Fox Theatre is a former movie palace which became a trend between 1925 to 1930. The structure said to be originally planned as part of large shrine temple. Then Fox Theatre chains developed it with 4665 seats and opened in 1929. The building has Middle Eastern and Egyptian designs and now listed as National Historic Landmark in USA.




When I saw the theatre, I felt excited. I remembered that I only saw the similar theatre in some movies, videos online and photos. Seeing one of its theatre with my own eyes felt like it was a dream. When I reached the entrance, I looked inside before I walked in. There was a vehicle being displayed within the entrance hall and then I saw some personnel in their suits that most likely in charge in checking the tickets.



Entrance and Lobby

Then I walked into the lobby and there are many people staying there for a while since the show hasn’t started yet, most of them were drinking and socializing. I saw the stairs in the middle and climbed on it towards the Mezzanine Level where you can still buy your drinks.




Mezzanine Level

After passing Mezzanine, I took another stairs so I can go to the entrance for my seat which located at lower balcony. But before I go inside the balcony to find my seat, I spent time to appreciate some interesting Moorish interiors of the theatre.



Then, I went inside the balcony and looked for my seat. There were crew available that helped me to guide in my seat. I was glad that my seat was in lower balcony and I had a good spot to enjoy the show at the stage. I knew I can see everything where I sit.







My Right Side View of Balcony




My Right Side View of Balcony

Shaping Sound

Here’s some tidbits of information that I learned about Shaping Sound. They are dancing group company which led by Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini. But do not make mistakes as they are not just regular dance group but a contemporary one that artistically choreograph their moves to give a masterpiece entertainment show. That’s how I watched them with their “The Shaping Sound Dance Reimagined Tour” theme in Atlanta while I was in the city in November 2015.

At Fox Theatre, I patiently wait in my seat until the whole balcony became full. And then the show started.  Honestly, I never heard the name of dance group back home, I rarely watch reality TV shows specially if its dancing show, as I was not really interested on it, it’s the main reason why I hesitated to book the show at first. I didn’t really have that much expectation before the show. All I wanted was to have good time that night inside The Fabulous Fox.

The show begun and I watched attentively. And I found satisfaction and enjoyment while the whole group artistically move their bodies in tune. The show changed my perspective about dancing. I remembered the Swan Lake that Australian Ballet portray the story through ballet dancing when I was in Melbourne. Shaping Sound group shown their creative and contemporary dance choreography. With that reason, I really admired them and respected them in their craft even I am not a fan of them, I appreciated their act they did in Atlanta Fox Theatre.



Shaping Sound Company at the end of the show


Leaving Fox and the end of my adventure that night.

Both I truly enjoyed Fox Theatre and the dance group artist Shaping Sound. For me the place was perfect and the show was amazing. I had a great night that night. Until then.

In The Middle Of Somewhere : Fox Theatre Lobby

In The Middle Of Somewhere (Post#11) : Fox Theatre Lobby

Before and after the show, people gathered at the lobby to socialize and had a bit of fun before watching the show and before leaving the Fabulous Fox. These photos are part of Shaping Sound event at Atlanta Fox Theatre Photo Collection November 2015.



The Melbourne Athenaeum – Victoria’s Oldest Subscription Library

The first building that I had a chance to visit during Open House Melbourne event last July 2013 was The Melbourne Athenaeum, also called as The Athenaeum. It was mentioned that the building is as old as Melbourne itself. It was built in 1842 to house the first Mechanics’ Institute (the first name of the building) in Victoria. First President was Captain William Lonsdale whom supervised the founding settlement of Port Philip, now named as Melbourne and first Patron Superintendent of Port Philip, Charles La Trobe who become first lieutenant-governor when Victoria become a separate colony at that time. The building is the home of the oldest public institution in Victoria. It is also significant as the site of the first Melbourne Council Meetings from 1842 to 1852.



The building in 1842


The building in 1874


The building in 2013

When the building was renovated in 1924, the large hall become a modern theatre and it became one of Melbourne’s premier picture theaters, screening films and live theatre. The Athenaeum housed Melbourne’s earliest museum and art gallery and was venue of the lectures by Mark Twain (American writer, humorist and lecturer) and Sir Redmond Barry (Doctor of Laws and Judge of Supreme Court in Victoria).

When I entered the building there were receptionist and guides that welcomes visitor of the building and they gave some directions which area of the building is open for the visitors. At the time of my visit, the open for public is Athenauem Library, the reading room on the mezzanine floor, the foyer, as well as the exhibition “The Melbourne Athenaeum in Pictures”. The live theatre was closed and I never got a chance to see inside of it.

Below are some parts of the building that I had a chance to see.

The Foyer


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Photo Exhibits within The Foyer

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When I walked inside the building, I felt excited when I saw the kind of interiors inside the building. At first I know nothing about the library but through looking in its different photos exhibited from the hallway up to the reading room, I discovered how historic the building is.

The Library and Reading Room


Reading Room in 1918


Reading Room in 2013

When I was in reading room, one thing caught my attention, I knew it was a classic though not yet sure if I was correct, it’s the elevator. And I was more amazed when I learned that it still working at the time of my visit.

The Historic Lift

The famous lift in the library was established in 1930 which still in operation as of the moment and one of only two of its vintage in Melbourne. It decorative interiors based on history as Interwar Neo-classical or classical revival.


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Additional :


Stairs to Comedy Club (Athenaeum Theatre Two)


1. Plan to visit The Melbourne Athenaeum ?

Address: 188 Collins Street, Melbourne

Library – To use the library, membership is required. Please check membership information here. Or visit the official website of the library here.

Theatre – To watch shows and to see the theatre, visit its official website here.

The building open in a daily basis but with a fee (either through membership for the library or tickets for theatre, gallery or museum), but if you really wanted to see inside of it for free, the right opportunity is during Open House Melbourne which happens in one weekend of July every year, to check if the building is participating in Open House Melbourne event please check here.

2. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details.

3. Directions

Using tram

Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are tram routes available
Route: 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 –> get off at Stop 11 – Town Hall / Collins Street
Route: 112, 109, 48 –> get off at Stop 6 –  Town Hall / Collins Street

Using train

Visit the official Public Transport Victoria website to be able to use the Journey Planner for the next train schedule.

Ride from any station and get off at Flinders Street Station
From Flinders Street Station, get off at St Kilda Road Exit and continue walking along Swanston Street and turned right at Collins Street.

View At My Window : Abu Dhabi (Heritage Village, Theatre), Corniche Beach and CBD


View At My Window (Post#19) : Abu Dhabi (Heritage Village, Theatre), Corniche Beach and CBD

When I got a chance to visit United Arab Emirates (UAE) when I attended a work related training, I tried my best to see other place aside from Dubai. Through my college friend who currently working in Dubai suggested to visit Abu Dhabi which is the capital city of UAE. Since the season is summer we cannot really stayed outside of the city and most of the time we wanted in a place where there is air-condition to feel more comfortable because of the summer heat. We went to Marina Tower and we dined to one of the café at the top of it to get a chance to see the city from top in a more comfortable way. The snapshot above with the UAE flag at the right side is where the Heritage Village and the Theatre is the dome building at the left side. The white beach at the top is the Corniche Beach and the Skyscraper at the background is the city’s CBD. Photo captured last August 2014.