Theme : Heritage Building – York Motor Museum

Theme (Post#18) : Heritage Building – York Motor Museum

Photos of the day are all about about York Motor Museum. At first, this building was known as Windsor Building after Mr. J.C. Windsor who built it in 19th century. But then, it was mostly known as Ford Dealership in Western Australia. Currently, the building is now served as York Motor Museum since 1981, when Peter Briggs and James Harwood founded the museum in 1979 to display their collection of 140 vehicles. The museum also displays the finest private collections of veteran, vintage, classic and racing cars in Australia. These photos are part of Wheatbelt Region Tour October 2016.






Notes :
Photo : heritage building, York Motor Museum
Location : 116 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Take bus from Transwa Bay East Perth to Esperance or Albany and get off at Joaquina St in York Town
3. Take train from Perth Station to Midland Station, then exchange train from Midland Station to Joaquina St Station in  York.
Official Website : None

Structure : Center for Civil and Human Rights

Structure (Post#16) : Center for Civil and Human Rights

Without knowing or seeing the name of the building, from a distance I admired this modern building that truly symbolizes how the city gives importance of the most important innate and universal rights of human race.  These photos are part of Center for Civil and Human Rights Visit Photo Collection November 2015.

The design of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights is driven by the concept of creating a Space for Action. The design is inspired by great urban spaces from around the world that are synonymous with historic civil and human rights events: the National Mall in Washington, Tiananmen Square in Beijing and Tahrir Square in Cairo.

By Architects of Center for Civil and Human Rights





Name Of The Place : Center for Civil and Human Rights

Name Of The Place (Post#42) : Center for Civil and Human Rights

The name of this building conveys the one of the most important aspect of human race. And even at the present time, there are lots of people still struggle to fight for this right that should be innate to mankind. My visit to the center gave me a profound learning how the American Civil Rights evolve and how it won their rights to the society and to the world. For me, it is one of the best places to visit Atlanta. The photo is part of Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Chromatic Outlook : Margaret Mitchell House

Chromatic Outlook (Post#41) : Margaret Mitchell House

Here are some photo collections that I was able to capture while visiting Margaret Mitchell House and now a museum. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.

Rear View (from Crescent Ave NE)



Side View (from building beside the house)


Front View (along Peachtree St NE)







Arts and Craft : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

Arts and Craft (Post#11) : Scarlett in Blue Dress By Helen Carlton

When I saw this painting hanging beside the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta as part of “Beyond the Pages and Behind the Scenes” exhibit, I saw this plainly as painting. But after I saw the movie, I realized how lucky I was that I had a chance to see this painting for real which has been part of 1939 movie. The photos is part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.


Scarlett in the Blue Dress, Oil on Canvass, 1939
Helen Carlton, artist
Loaned by Atlanta Board of Education

The life-size portrait of Scarlett hung on the wall in Rhett’s bedroom in their Atlanta mansion built after the Civil War. Joseph B. Platt, head of New York decorating the firm, coordinated the set interiors for Selsnick’s art department, including the selection of appropriate furniture, wallpapers, carpets and accessories for Gone With the Wind.

In 1939, the portrait traveled from California to the motion picture’s premier in Atlanta where it hung in the window of the downtown Davison-Paxon department store. More recently, the painting hung in the cafeteria of the Margaret Mitchell Elementary School in Atlanta.

Note: Excerpt from the notes displayed under the exhibit item.

Interior : Margaret Mitchell House (Apartment No. 1)

Interior (Post#11) : Margaret Mitchell House (Apartment No. 1)

I was lucky that I got a chance to see the apartment unit of Margaret Mitchell when she was writing the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel “Gone With the Wind”. The visit in this room is part of guided-tour which means, it cannot be seen by just self-guided visit in the museum. It’s a worth wait as I witness the place where the talented author lived her life during that time. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015.







Australian War Memorial

One thing that I like about Australia is having a similar building or structure if not in all cities but on its major cities, so tourist can see and visit the place to appreciate and to enjoy wherever you are in the country. I remembered the same concept also exist in Canada,  they have structures that can be found in some cities as well. A good example is Telus World of Science, a museum where I visited one in Edmonton and saw from a distance in Vancouver. Another example is Provincial Legislature Building exist in Alberta and British Columbia, and in other provinces of Canada.

Based on my observation while traveling around Australia, arcade building is one good example of a structure that can be found in major cities of the country. These arcades are historical buildings which showcases how grandeur the building was during earlier years and portrays its notable 19th century interior design that can make everyone feel to be back in old times. In relation to arcades, I perceived Queen Victoria Building as the mother of all historical arcades in Australia. I explained why in my previous post.

How about for the memorial structure that intended to honor and remember the Australian heroes that fought for the peace that Australian currently enjoying nowadays? In relation to this, I looked at Australian War Memorial as the father of all peace or remembrance structure in the country. During my stay in Australia I visited two(2) structures that significantly honors and remembers the heroes that served for the country’s peace. One was Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne and the one that I will be focusing in this post is The Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The group tour that I joined that day visited the structure after coming from Mount Ainslie Lookout.


Australian War Memorial – looks so far from Parliament House Rooftop


Australian War Memorial (with dome), just at the bottom of base of Mount Ainslie

The first time I saw the building for real was at the time I was at the rooftop of Parliament House in that same day I visited the memorial museum, the structure is noticeable even from a far distance. I got a clear visibility of it, while we were at Mount Ainslie Lookout where anyone get noticed that the building is a cross structure with a dome in the middle. And when we arrived at the building itself, I can sense immediately the solemn ambiance that surrounds the building. The external design of the building signifies how these heroes are important to Australian and I honestly admired them the way they honor and respect these people.




Australian War Memorial from Memorial Grounds

Due to limited time in the building since it was our last place in the day tour’s itinerary and near for closing time, I wasn’t able to see all of the parts of the memorial but I still tried my best to capture photos inside the building. Apology at some of the photos are not as clear, at the time of the trip, I used iPhone 4 and Panasonic digital camera.

Here are some of the photos that I was able to capture while visiting Australian War Memorial:


Mosquito – Wooden Wonder Aircraft


Cockpit Simulator – used to train pilots without experience in flying


Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter V-173 –  best know Japanese aircraft in World War II


Kittyhawk – aircraft named Polly after its regular pilot’s sweetheart, a mainstay of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) during World War II



Hawker Sea Fury – fighter bomber, one of the last propeller driven naval aircraft to see action



G for George – Avro Lancaster bomber, survived the disastrous raid in Nuremberg in 1944 and some toughest mission over Germany, France and Italy


Anti-aircarft searchlight projector – used to detects enemies aircraft



HMAS Sydney Gun – One of the eight six-inch guns which took part against SMS Emden


HMAS Sydney Stern – patrolled in North Sea in 1917 and present for the German surrender at Scapa in 1918


Ship’s Telegraph – engine telegraph from SMS Emden


Morshead in Africa – 3 ton truck, with caravan body, a mobile command post and  living quarters


MiG-15 bis – Soviet Union produced, with modern jet-fighter powered by British-designed engine



Mustang – used in Korean War as fighter and ground attack aircraft


LePkw Type 82 Kubelwagen



Chevrolet lorry and Breda anti-aircraft gun


“Kriegies” hut – Joe Kibling captured in Greece and called as Kriegies, this house up to 20 men


Anti-tank gun – gunner used near in Gemas and Bakri in 1942



1940 Studebaker Commander Sedan with gas producer

Below are other exhibits found in the memorial but I wasn’t able to identify its name

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Before we end the tour in the building, there was Last Post ceremony being held at Commemorative Area wherein the memorial bids farewell to the visitors with the ceremony with singing of the Australian National Anthem, followed by a sound of the piper. Some visitors put some flowers as tributes besides the Pool of Reflection, then a story of one of the names listed in the Honor Roll will be told, followed by Ode recitation and ended by sound of Last Post. A ceremony that I witnessed that shows recognition and respect to the heroes of Australians.









Last Post Ceremony



–RSL (Returned and Services League)


My country’s name found in Commemorative area which is allied of Australia specifically during Second World War



Before leaving the memorial, I saw from the main entrance of the structure the scenery towards Parliament House, old and current one.


Australian War Memorial – the last snapshots before leaving the memorial and before ending my day tour in Canberra.

National Museum of Australia – With Modern Art and Architecture

Parliament House building tour was completed, what’s next? We were back again in the road and driving around Canberra, and in few minutes we were at the next tour destination which is a museum. One thing that I noticed while touring in Canberra is the idea of making the building in the city to be the national institution. The name of the country or nation is either on the building’s or structure’s name. If Parliament House in Canberra is called as Australian Parliament House, the museum’s name in the city has the same case and called as National Museum of Australia.

While I was still in the bus, when we were approaching the museum, my expectation of its building was different. At the back of my mind, its probably like historical structure, an old and classic building, and then we passed a loop shape structure with bold colors which surprised me as that structure signifies modern art and then we had a full stop in the parking lot. Looking at the nearby building ahead of us, I knew to myself that I was wrong in my expectation. It was my mistake because Canberra was not old enough to its development  to have a very old and historic buildings like in Sydney and Melbourne, and the city’s development had been pending during Depression and World War II years.


The Loop (the modern art shape that serve as walkway from parking towards the museum)

The building that we approached  has a modern architecture. The bold colours and design of the building  is new and unique, even its surroundings convey its modern concept, I like what I am seeing in my surroundings.


National Museum of Australia is not the typical museum with a concept of displaying historical and physical archives about its nations history. Its concept is story telling of people who live in the country and even who just passed by Australia.

At the time of the visit, the museum’s exhibit has a theme of  “Glorious Day” which coincides with the centenary celebration of the city.  It features the artwork, music, and photographs during 1913.






Looking at my photos during my visit, there is only one photo that I captured related to theme at that time which was just the piano.


The regular or permanent exhibit display in the museum that I found are below and since they are home exhibit in the museum, these can still be found inside National Museum of Australia.


Ernie Old’s Malvern Star bicycle



Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies steam engine


Endeavor Cannon


Simplex Windmill from Kenya Station




The Percival Gull Six monoplane came with a reputation for high performance


Sunshine harvester


Saw Doctor’s wagon


Ranken family coach

I went to the cafe of the museum and I was surprised that I found a scenic views that I will enjoy, where I got a chance to see the Captain Cook Memorial Jet, National Library of Australia, Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and the Lake Burley Griffin itself or Molonglo River.


Captain Cook Memorial Jet



National Library of Australia


Commonwealth Avenue Bridge


Lake Burley Griffin or Molonglo River

After enjoying the museum, we went at the back of the building to see a a place like playground that most youngster can really enjoy at that time. But now you cannot see exactly what I had seen before since this has changed to now they called “Garden of Australian Dreams”.








I enjoyed the visit in the museum. Learned something about Australia again.


Structure : Australian War Memorial

Structure (Post#11) : Australian War Memorial

During my visit in Canberra, one of the significant structure to enjoy in this planned city is the Australian War Memorial. For me, I can say that is the center of all shrine of remembrance or war memorial across the country. A magnificent structure made to honor who died for the peace that the country enjoys. This photo is part of Canberra Day Tour June 2013 Collection.


The Melbourne Athenaeum – Victoria’s Oldest Subscription Library

The first building that I had a chance to visit during Open House Melbourne event last July 2013 was The Melbourne Athenaeum, also called as The Athenaeum. It was mentioned that the building is as old as Melbourne itself. It was built in 1842 to house the first Mechanics’ Institute (the first name of the building) in Victoria. First President was Captain William Lonsdale whom supervised the founding settlement of Port Philip, now named as Melbourne and first Patron Superintendent of Port Philip, Charles La Trobe who become first lieutenant-governor when Victoria become a separate colony at that time. The building is the home of the oldest public institution in Victoria. It is also significant as the site of the first Melbourne Council Meetings from 1842 to 1852.



The building in 1842


The building in 1874


The building in 2013

When the building was renovated in 1924, the large hall become a modern theatre and it became one of Melbourne’s premier picture theaters, screening films and live theatre. The Athenaeum housed Melbourne’s earliest museum and art gallery and was venue of the lectures by Mark Twain (American writer, humorist and lecturer) and Sir Redmond Barry (Doctor of Laws and Judge of Supreme Court in Victoria).

When I entered the building there were receptionist and guides that welcomes visitor of the building and they gave some directions which area of the building is open for the visitors. At the time of my visit, the open for public is Athenauem Library, the reading room on the mezzanine floor, the foyer, as well as the exhibition “The Melbourne Athenaeum in Pictures”. The live theatre was closed and I never got a chance to see inside of it.

Below are some parts of the building that I had a chance to see.

The Foyer


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Photo Exhibits within The Foyer

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When I walked inside the building, I felt excited when I saw the kind of interiors inside the building. At first I know nothing about the library but through looking in its different photos exhibited from the hallway up to the reading room, I discovered how historic the building is.

The Library and Reading Room


Reading Room in 1918


Reading Room in 2013

When I was in reading room, one thing caught my attention, I knew it was a classic though not yet sure if I was correct, it’s the elevator. And I was more amazed when I learned that it still working at the time of my visit.

The Historic Lift

The famous lift in the library was established in 1930 which still in operation as of the moment and one of only two of its vintage in Melbourne. It decorative interiors based on history as Interwar Neo-classical or classical revival.


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Additional :


Stairs to Comedy Club (Athenaeum Theatre Two)


1. Plan to visit The Melbourne Athenaeum ?

Address: 188 Collins Street, Melbourne

Library – To use the library, membership is required. Please check membership information here. Or visit the official website of the library here.

Theatre – To watch shows and to see the theatre, visit its official website here.

The building open in a daily basis but with a fee (either through membership for the library or tickets for theatre, gallery or museum), but if you really wanted to see inside of it for free, the right opportunity is during Open House Melbourne which happens in one weekend of July every year, to check if the building is participating in Open House Melbourne event please check here.

2. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details.

3. Directions

Using tram

Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are tram routes available
Route: 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 –> get off at Stop 11 – Town Hall / Collins Street
Route: 112, 109, 48 –> get off at Stop 6 –  Town Hall / Collins Street

Using train

Visit the official Public Transport Victoria website to be able to use the Journey Planner for the next train schedule.

Ride from any station and get off at Flinders Street Station
From Flinders Street Station, get off at St Kilda Road Exit and continue walking along Swanston Street and turned right at Collins Street.

Still Expression : World of Coca-Cola’s The Vault – Queuing and Waiting

Still Expression (Post#4) : World of Coca-Cola’s The Vault – Queuing and Waiting

I am not skilled photographer but was able to take stolen shots of people unintentionally, the photo clearly shows the reality of the expression of people without pretensions. This photo was captured while I am trying to take a shot of the entrance to The Vault. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Colors : Coca-Cola Beverages

Colors (Post#4) : Coca-Cola Beverages

During my visit in World of Coca-cola, inside Milestone of Refreshment, I found these different products that Coca-Cola produced. This photo shows that the company tries to invent beverages after discovering the first cola last 1886. It shows how the company tries to innovate their drinks for more than a century now. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Chromatic Outlook : 1939 Chevrolet Delivery Truck

Chromatic Outlook (Post#26) : 1939 Chevrolet Delivery Truck

One of the city in Europe like Buenos Aires in Argentina, where streets are mostly narrows and constricted, Reginald Lee family had custom order of the 1939 Chevrolet Panel Van to be able to deliver Coca-Cola drinks in the city. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.



1939 Chevrolet delivery truck in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Discovery : Vault of the Secret Formula

Discovery (Post#6) : Vault of the Secret Formula

As we know that Coca-Cola company has been guarded their secret formula over centuries using bank’s vault. Last 2011, their secret formula has been moved to the vault within the museum which is being displayed in the public eye. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


In The Middle of Somewhere : World of Coca-Cola – Taste It!

In The Middle of Somewhere (Post#5) : World of Coca-Cola – Taste It!

One of the places that I enjoyed because all Coca-Cola products from around the world can be tasted here for free. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Discovery : Soda Fountain

Discovery (Post#5) : Soda Fountain

At the beginning time of Coca-Cola company, the way to distribute the beverage was through the Soda Fountain. Coca-Cola is just one of the flavors that the machine can dispense as it is capable to dispense many and different flavors. This means that at the beginning, people who wanted to drink Coca-Cola, has to visit or go to the store where there is Soda Fountain that offers it. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Life Of Others : Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Life Of Others (Post#5): Coca-Cola Polar Bear

I know that I used to take photos of other forms of life in this theme of my photos, but for this one, the subject is not real polar bear but just a character. I include this photo here since it’s in animal form like. This Polar Bear become an icons used by Coca-Cola company which became hit to the people during the start of its advertising when it was introduced in the commercial “Northern Lights” in 1993. This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


Name Of The Place : World of Coca-Cola

Name Of The Place (Post#25) : World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola, one of the museum that I had a chance to visit while I was in Atlanta for at least 3 weeks. I did enjoy my visits in this famous bottling company in the world.  This photo is part of World of Coca-Cola Collection in Atlanta City which captured last November 2015.


A Visit at NYK (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) Maritime Museum and Exploring NYK Hikawamaru

NYK (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) Maritime Museum

Next museum we entered was NYK Maritime Museum. Here we spent time to see the exhibits in the museum. I saw a lot of ships display which showcases the history of NYK. We witnessed as well based on exhibits how the Japan maritime evolved through the years. Not so much photos inside the museum because it was not allowed to use a camera.



When we bought the ticket of NYK Museum, I selected the option where it includes the NYK Hikawa Maru entrance to save a bit on our tickets.

NYK Hikawamaru

NYK Hikawamaru is a ship museum docked at Port of Yokohama in Yamashita Park Waterfront. The ship is a historical ship which at first, it was a cargo-passenger liner when it was built and during the war it became a navy hospital ship, then it returned to a cargo-passenger ship again after the war.


Entrance to NYK Hikawamaru

When we reached the ship, we realized the ship is not just an ordinary one. For me and my family it was a huge one. Walking from Yamashita Park, we walked to the entrance of the ship and climbed up to the Deck B where the main entrance is and we showed our tickets to the receptionist. After checking our tickets, we were freely able to walk inside the ship by following the track available to visitors.


Near the Reception at Deck B


At Mini-Theatre near at Reception at Deck B

Near the reception area, there are exhibits of photos of the ship displaying its some historical photos. There was a mini theater where it shows some videos about Hikawa Maru.




First Class Childrens’ Room

We followed the walk way and along the walkway we saw the First Class Children’s Room. In that moment, I thought a bit and tried to put myself of being one of the child of the rich people at those old times and I thought that I probably felt really lucky.

First Class Dining Saloon

Our walk continues until we reached the First Class Dining Saloon. As my minds wondering as I saw the room, I imagined we were part of the ship where most people belong to high-class societies  can be found and they were savoring their delicious food while on boarded in the ship. And I understood that time it was really expensive to be in that room, what more this time.


First Class Social Hall

We moved on and climbed to the Deck A where we found the First Class Reading Room. Then it followed by First-Class Social Hall.


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Exhibition Room

First Class Cabin (First Class Passenger’s Room)

First Class Smoking Room

Next we saw was Exhibition Room, then First-Class Passenger’s Room followed by First-Class Smoking Room and Deluxe Cabin.

Port of Yokohama and Minato Mirai 21


Outdoor Deck

In Deck A, the outdoor deck can be found where I enjoyed the scenery around the Port of Yokohama and Minato Mirai 21 – the central business district of Yokohama located.


N1, N2 and N3 Deck





Looking Towards Yamashita Park and Marine Tower

We climbed N1 Deck, then N2 Deck where Captains Office is and climbed again in N3 Deck where the Wheelhouse is.

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Third Class Cabin

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Engine Room

After enjoying the top deck areas, we went down to Deck C. In Deck C where we found the Third-Class cabin. The Gallery is located in the same deck too. Then, I got excited when I saw the Engine Room. And it’s not a small one it’s a huge room and there’s is a track we followed as well to go around the Engine Room. And there’s more, the Deck D, still housed the other parts of the Engine Room.


Exhibition Room

The last portion that can be found in the ship is the exhibition room that showcases the rich history of Hikawa Maru.


In the end, we were satisfied that we visited the ship. Being inside of that ship was a worthwhile because it was a tour like going back in time. Knowing that this kind of ship were already available in 1930s, proves that Japan already in advance technology of shipping and cargo lines. And that made me admired them for their developed talents and skills.

Enjoying the Open Space of Zuo-No-Hana Park

As I am following the trail in my Triposo mobile application, we enjoyed our walk along the way. Before we reached Yokohama Brick Warehouse, we enjoyed the walk within the port. We passed Yokohama Customs Museum and Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building

Yokohama Customs Museum

Yokohama Customs Museum (from Zuo-No-Hana Park)

Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building

When we reached  Zuo-No-Hana Park or Zuo-No-Hana Terrace which is an open air plaza within Port of Yokohama, here we enjoyed lots of beautiful view around the port.

Views captured from Zuo-No-Hana Park where can see Osanbanshi Pier, Minato Mirai 21 and Red Brick Warehouse

Zuo-No-Hana Park / Zuo-No-Hana Terrace

After enjoying the picture taking and sceneries in Zuo-No-Hana Park,  facing the bay, we turned left to visit the historical Red Brick Warehouse.